The Beer Factory

Keilor Park Victoria

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18 Translink Drive
Keilor Park Victoria 3042

About us

The Beer Factory is an exclusive place to brew your own Beer in Melbourne. Here, you can enjoy the beer that you created by yourself by following our beer brewing courses. Contact us today.

More on Us

Are you looking for the best hands-on beer brewing experience in Melbourne? The Beer Factory is here to offer you not just that but a lot more. Brew your own bottle, can or a keg of beer under our expert guidance. Do you wish to own a kegerator to enjoy a keg beer that you brewed for yourself? The Beer Factory is the place to go!

What else we offer apart from Kegs in Melbourne?    

  • Cheap beer
  • Gift vouchers
  • Beer brewery
  • Keg hire
  • Contract brewing
  • CO2 Refill


Your Beer Factory gift voucher enables you to have a complete brewing experience (about 2 hours) where you will be guided through the process by a member of our chill brew crew. You will get the opportunity to brew your own beer, then come back after the fermentation process to bottle, can, or keg it.

The recipient of a Beer Factory gift voucher not only gets to take home their own beer, but they also have the option of inviting friends and family members to participate in the brewing experience with them, or they can enjoy a couple of beers at our Brewery Bar, which features happy hour every day of the week.

Learn To Brew Your Own Beer!

The Beer Factory is home to the most well-regarded beer brewing courses in Melbourne.

During this interactive event, you will make your very own chemical-free microbrew creation while gaining knowledge about all parts of the beer brewing process. In addition to this, one of our knowledgeable brew team members will take you on a comprehensive tour of the brewery.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit The Beer Factory today and make your own beer. We also offer personalised labelling so you may personalise each beer. You can transform any image or photo into a unique label for your bottling day. It's perfect for birthdays, bucks, or wedding beers. Reach out to us now for a unique experience.