The Teak Place

Capel Sound Victoria

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208 Boneo Road
Capel Sound Victoria 3939

About us

The Teak Place specialise in traditional teak outdoor furniture in Australia. We provide a stylish collection of teak tables, chairs, dining table, sun lounger, garden benches & outdoor sofa.

More on Us

The Teak Place is the largest company of teak outdoor furniture in Australia. If you’re looking for some good quality outdoor teak furniture, then you’ll love us. We are a family-owned business and we have 26 years of experience behind us. All our teak furniture is handmade, therefore, you’ll have unique pieces.

Our every teak outdoor furniture in Melbourne is naturally weather proof and resistant to natural dry rot. That means that your teak outdoor setting, outdoor table, including dining, teak benches, bench seats, timber sun lounger, teak outdoor sofa, etc., will be maintenance-free.

Our range of products are:

  • Teak coffee tables
  • Teak outdoor chairs
  • Outdoor folding tables
  • Teak outdoor bench seats
  • Teak sun loungers
  • Teak garden benches
  • Outdoor bench tables
  • Teak chairs
  • Outdoor teak dining tables, etc.

Why choose us?

Teak Place has the best outdoor settings in Melbourne. The best part of teak dining chairs, tables, tables outdoors, benches, etc., is that they have 24 months manufacturing warranty. Also, we offer a two-year limited structural warranty on any outdoor patio furniture. That is not it; we have a 12-month warranty on cushions and textiles.

If you love our teak outdoor lounge, outdoor garden benches, etc, then we have good news for you; online shopping is available 24/7. We know that we have the best teak furniture in Melbourne. That’s the reason we offer shipping to all Australian capital cities and the complete east coast of Australia.

Further, if you have any doubt about teak, our prices or deliveries, then get in touch with us today.