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Wagga Wagga New South Wales

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Wagga Wagga
Wagga Wagga New South Wales 2651

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  • Albury
  • Coolamon
  • Cootamundra
  • Gundagai
  • Junee
  • Kooringal
  • Lake Albert
  • Narrandera
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  • Tumut
  • Wagga Wagga

About us

Sure-Cut is a concrete cutting company based in Wagga Wagga, servicing the Riverina and surrounding areas. With the latest equipment and trained staff we are commited to quality, reliability and prompt service.


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Our Strengths

We offer the largest scale equipment in the Wagga Wagga and Riverina areas. With a professional team and a commitment to quality service and reliability, Sure-Cut is the answer to all your concrete cutting needs! We are also CSDA Accredited.

Why Choose Us

Our equipment is state of the art and is larger than all our competitors' equipment throughout Albury, Wagga Wagga and the Riverina. We are a fully insured company, all insurances are available upon request, and jobs are supplied with SWMS.

Our Client Base

Builder Carpentry contractors Civil Building companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting Commercial concreting companies Concrete restoration contractors Individuals Public Residential Residential Builders

More on Us


At Sure-Cut, we have completed projects of all sizes and to a range of clients; from residential to commercial and industrial jobs, to providing services for pathology labrotaries, to power plants, factories, homes and warehouses. No job is too big or small!

We are renowned for our large-scale and state of the art equipment throughout the Riverina. 



We maintain 20 million dollar public liability, up to date work cover, and full machine insurances.


All jobs come with work cover approved safe work method statements.




Road/Flat Sawing

For the large jobs, trenches or concrete slab removal, with deep cutting (up to 650mm) depth, we have a variety of machines, petrol, diesel and electric depending on the requirements of your job.


Hand Sawing

The standard concrete cutting machine, great at the small jobs and the tight, can be used alongside ring saws and diamond chainsaws to get deeper penetrations.


Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing makes a straight cut, up to 700mm depth, by mounting a track on the surface, leaving the operator out of the way, there by increasing safety.


Ring Sawing

Able to cut concrete unto 270mm depth, its great for double brick and concrete in tight spots for deeper cuts than hand sawing.



Diamond Sawing

Can cut concrete up to 400mm depth, a specialised tool for difficult jobs.



A non-destructive / non-invasive method for identifying reinforcement, post tension cables etc, making it possible to avoid these when cutting or coring.


Concrete Grinding & Trip Hazard Removal

Grinding or Scabbling is used to remove trip hazards for surface preparation / clean up, before tiling or painting floors. Electric or petrol powered machines with vacuums to keep the mess to a minimum.


Flush Cutting

We can cut flush against a wall or other surfaces, to provide the required openings.



We can supply and fit bollard’s to your specifications and needs.


Core Drilling

With a large selection of diameters in stock (18mm to 1m) or ordered for your needs, we can drill to almost any depth required. We have hydraulic, electric and high frequency machines to suit all jobs in floor, wall or ceiling. We can also supply wet vacs to keep the site clean.


Wire Sawing

Wire Sawing is used to cut nearly any shape or size, to create the necessary opening, or to remove Columns, Plinks, Staircases etc.





Are you a qualified Tradesman?

Yes I'm a fully qualified concreter and carpenter.

Are you insured?

Yes all our work is fully insured