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Peregian Beach Queensland

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Suite 7 / 10 Grebe Street
Peregian Beach Queensland 4573

About us

At Suncoast Building Design we are building designers in Sunshine Coast, offering modern contemporary design, house extension, and home designs services. Contact us!


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Are you looking for a professional to design your home? Or do you have ideas but hunting for an expert to turn them into a reality? If you’re in any of these situations, then Suncoast Building Design is the best bet. We are an award-winning building design firm and worked with the best builders across Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. As building designers, we’ve worked with modern home builders, as well as luxury home builders.
Adding a signature style, blending city and coastal living, we started designing buildings by incorporating modern contemporary design and sustainable passive design methods. Additionally, we supply home design, house extension, dual occupancy design and multi unit development for your property.
Our Offerings:

• Free visit: We meet our clients on-site and discuss several building design ideas through healthy communication.

• Preliminary design: We provide a detailed plan on the layout from dimensions to sizes of doors and windows.

• Design development: In this stage, we provide a set of plans for your building extension or overall construction to make sure the budget doesn’t exceed.

• Council/construction drawings: In this stage, we take the approval of the council and building. We also show them the basic drawings of our plans.

• Energy assessment and sustainable design: We create sustainable designs for which we generate an energy efficiency report.

• Involves third parties: We provide details of the third parties such as builders, engineers, etc.
Why Select Us?
Suncoast Building Design is a reputed building consultant providing designs for your dream home. Other sets of reasons include:
• Sustainable approach
• Signature design style
• Affordable
For opting for our services or more detailed information, contact us today!