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About us

Protect Hands is the leading supplier of different types of nitrile gloves for a wide range of industries & applications, including healthcare, medical, food processing, in Melbourne, Australia. Contact us today to buy nitrile gloves in large, medium or in bulk.


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More on Us

Protect Hands are the superior supplier of different types of gloves for a wide range of industries and applications, including healthcare, medical, and food processing, in Australia. We source our nitrile gloves from the finest manufacturers, and after ensuring their quality, we market them. Our black nitrile gloves, powder-free nitrile gloves and many other products are subject to provide safety, comfort and functionality.

Furthermore, at every stage of its production, we ensure that traceability and sustainable sourcing is maintained throughout the supply chain while controlling costs. Additionally, we make sure that our gloves, like nitrile disposable, meet all the stringent certifications necessary in the industries and applications.

Moreover, we only supply heavy-duty gloves, such as nitrile examination for protection, ensuring maximum grip and agility. Whether you buy nitrile gloves large, medium or in bulk, we supply them at affordable prices. Also, we ship them to your door with minimal fret and at generous discounts.

Why Choose Us?

There are three major reasons why should you get engaged with Protect Hands. They are:

  •     Quality
  •     Secure Shipping
  •     Fast Delivery


So, if you’re looking for purchasing nitrile gloves in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, get in touch with us today!