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Bentleigh East Victoria

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Bentleigh East
Bentleigh East Victoria 3165

About us

Mylock is the most trusted brand of residential and emergency locksmith services in Melbourne, here we offer services 24/7 for ensuring quick response to emergency situations in the shortest possible time. Whether you want to change your house’s locks or want repairs to your locks our residential locksmith service reaches your apartment quickly. We also offer automotive and commercial locksmith service that takes care of all your locking needs.

More on Us

At Mylock we provide expert commercial locksmith in Melbourne, our professionals assist you with your security need for the entire complex. Whether be it a warehouse or an apartment complex we can install locks for every single door along with fire exit door locks wherever required. For comprehensive security cover to your premises, we can also install CCTV cameras of both wired and wireless types.     

We understand the stress you feel when you are locked out of your home in the middle of the night or stranded somewhere on the road due to being out of the car can be overwhelming. Our Melbourne locksmith service ensures you peace of mind at any time of day with fast and professional service.