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32 Hartleigh Street
Clyde Victoria 3978

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  • Clyde VIC
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About us

We specialize in deck cleaning, maintenance, staining, sanding, restoration, rejuvenation, oiling and painting services in Melbourne. We also offer composite deck resealing, paver and concrete cleaning and resealing. With years of happy customers and beautiful decks, we are expert deck cleaners throughout Melbourne. Call us to get a quick cleaning quote


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Australian lifestyle and a beautiful deck are just like a synonym for each other. However, with extreme weather conditions and time, those beautiful deck withers, and you need deck restorations in Melbourne. To fix them, you should always come to Melbourne Deck Master. We provide specialised deck maintenance, cleaning services with the help of a timber deck cleaner and timber deck restoration services.

Furthermore, we have an experienced team who fixes your deck and make it new. Not only are we efficient, but Melbourne Deck Master also provide affordable services. Furthermore, for deck cleaning, we use unique high-quality equipment such as Germany Engineered Terrasen-Blitz Sander, built-in vacuum cleaners, etc.to prevent a health hazard. So, whether you need deck sanding and staining or deck painting, paver and concrete cleaning and resealing, you can rest assured with our team.

Our Services Include:

- Deck Restoration / Rejuvenation
- Deck Sanding
- Deck Staining & Oiling
- Deck Maintenance
- Deck Cleaning
- Deck Repair
- Deck Sealing
- Deck Painting
- Composite Deck Resealing
- Paver and Concrete Cleaning
- Paver and Concrete Resealing

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to deck related issues, Melbourne Deck Master is competent in bringing your deck to its original condition. In simple words, we are a timber rejuvenator. Whether you are searching for deck sanding near me, deck maintenance near me, decking painting near me or deck restorations near me, we can provide you with efficient services.

Other reasons:

- Affordable rates
- Experienced team
- Use high-quality equipment

We also serve Geelong, Bass Coast, Mornington and Mornington Peninsula. So, if you need further details or any services related to decking, contact us today!