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Dandenong South Victoria

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1/48-58 Cyber loop
Dandenong South Victoria 3175

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  • Dandenong VIC
  • Melbourne VIC

About us

Associated Metalworks provides laser cutting services in Melbourne using industry-leading machinery so you can have that perfect results every time. Contact us today.


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More on Us

Australian owned and operated, Associated Metalworks Pty Ltd offers custom sheet metal fabrication throughout Melbourne. For the last 60 years, Associated Metalworks is one of the largest and longest standing manufacturing operations in Australia. We are specialist fabricators in Melbourne specialising in a range of custom metal fabrication including laser cutting, steel fabrication, decorative metal screen, decorative metal panels, corten steel panels and outdoor decorative screens.

Our laser cutting methods are superior and of high standard which not only makes the metal cutting faster but also gives splendid results. We aim to develop strong and aesthetically appealing products at the affordable rates. Using ultra-modern technologies of laser cutting, we are able to produce complex designs with the fastest turnaround time and high quality end results. These enable us to provide environmentally friendly laser cutting services. Our products not only have an effect on its overall performance, but on its durability too. With a vast experience in the fabrication industry, our technicians are highly qualified and insured to deliver the work that is unrivalled.

We heavily invest in technologies to ensure we remain at the forefront of sheet metal fabrication. To further inquire about our services offered or for a free price quote, do give us a call or email.