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North Rocks New South Wales

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Unit 19/ 16 Loyalty Rd
North Rocks New South Wales 2151

    Servicing Locations    

  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane City
  • Brisbane
  • Canberra
  • Gold Coast
  • Melbourne Airport
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  • North Rocks
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About us

Keystone Products is Australia's only manufacturer of grinding & polishing stones used with concrete, stone & monumental masonry. Our stones fit most specialized grinding and polishing machines, smaller contractors' floor machines and hand held tools and are commonly used for new surfaces and for refurbishing older, worn tiles, concrete and terrazzo flooring.


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Our Strengths

Our quality and consistency are superior to imported products and we can supply in any quantity from single pieces to pallet loads. We are frequently asked to make special types of stones for difficult jobs and using different abrasive grits and matrix bonds, and we provide this service on amazingly short lead times.

Why Choose Us

We provide quality products that are locally sourced. We offer free and confidential recommendations for your flooring problems and to chose the best grinding and polishing stones that suit you.

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting Commercial concreting companies Concrete cutting contractors Concrete polisher and grinder retailers and sales concreter Concreters Individuals Polished Concrete Concreter Polished concrete concreters Public

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Australia Wide

This fast turnaround allows us to carry small quantities in stock for most common types of grinding stone, while fast response manufacturing larger production quantities.

We can arrange delivery all over Australia. 


Suitable for Grinding:

  • Concrete 

  • Marble 

  • Terrazzo 


Standard Stone Types:

  • Block 

  • Cassani 

  • Frankfurt 

  • Genovese 

  • Snail Fitting 100/130mm 

  • Oscillating Stone 140/180mm 

  • Terzago 100/125mm 

  • Wedge Block 

  • Plateau 250mm 

  • Large Cassani Sets 650mm

  • Granite 

  • Porcelain Tiles 

  • Fire Clay Tiles 

  • Sandstone 

  • Travertine 

  • Synthetic Stones





What are your opening hours?

We operate from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. Contact us for more information.

What areas do you service?

We are based in Unit 19/ 16 Loyalty Rd, North Rocks NSW 2151 and we can arrange delivery all over Australia.

What stones are suitable for grinding?

The following stones are suitable for grinding: Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo, Granite, Porcelain Tiles, Fire Clay Tiles, Sandstone, Travertine, and Synthetic Stones.

What are the standard stone types?

The standard stone types are: Block, Cassani, Frankfurt, Genovese, Snail Fitting 100/130mm, Oscillating Stone 140/180mm, Terzago 100/125mm, Wedge Block, Plateau 250mm, and Large Cassani Sets 650mm.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes, we offer free quotes. Contact us for yours.

Do you offer delivery?

Yes, we can arrange delivery throughout Australia with the expense depending on where you are.

What are the payment options?

Payments can be made by cheques and online banking.

What are the prices for your products?

Contact us for the prices of our products. We have fixed pricing for individual products and can give you a free quote over the phone or via email.

What are the acceptable order Quantities?

We supply from Single stone up to Pallet loads.



CALL US ON (02) 9634 2166 FOR A FREE QUOTE