Hike Vancouver Island

Cumberland British Columbia

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Hike Vancouver Island Inc. Box 201 Cumberland, BC
Cumberland British Columbia 201

About us

Welcome to Hike Vancouver Island! We're the same great team of guiding professionals who brought you Island Alpine Guides, Vancouver Island’s premier alpine guiding outfit. Based in Cumberland, BC, we take a community-focused approach to deliver outstanding experiences and education to the highest international standard. Our team of professional guides and instructors are all certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

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Ranging from coastline to alpine, Vancouver Island offers a vast selection of incredible hiking adventures and courses like Women's Wilderness Trips, Women's Backcountry Skills & map and compass course. Hike Vancouver Island was launched in spring 2022 to meet the growing demand for hiking trips and education. We can't wait to share the Island's unique wild spaces with you!