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Docklands Victoria

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1908n/883 Collins Street
1908n/883 Collins Street
Docklands Victoria 3008

About us

ETW Town Planning is a leading urban planner and land development consultant that offers a range of services, including town planning permit applications and much more.

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ETW Town Planning is a professional land development consultant, that provides services of urban planning permits in victoria. Our team offers a range of services to help you achieve your development goals. We can provide independent planning advice and mediation, planning permit application assistance, and town planning report writing services. In addition, our VCAT town planning consultants can help you with any hurdles that might come up, such as the Council rejecting your proposal or objections from the local community. If you want to sell property with a subdivision plan, we can also make sure you have the authority to do so. Contact us today to book a no-obligation consultation.