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193-195 Cheltenham Road
Keysborough Victoria 3137

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  • Carrum Downs
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  • Keysborough
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  • Melbourne
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  • Mount Martha
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About us

We have all the materials you need for your landscape and garden requirements. Here at D'Abaco we can supply materials from the start of any type of building or commercial project, home or unit development site, through to the completion and landscaping.


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Our Strengths

We have over 2 acres of high quality products and provide services to customers in the Melbourne and Bayside area. What's more is, we have over 50 bulk products in stock, a large range of trucks and offer delivery to metro Melbourne and Bayside areas. We espouse fast, reliable & friendly, service; we offer same day service and assure you that no job is too big or small!

Why Choose Us

Our large range of soils, mulch, pebbles, rocks, pavers, and timber edging will make your garden look great. We stock various types of stones and toppings suitable for paths and driveways.

Our Client Base

Brick laying contractors Builder Carpentry contractors Civil Building companies Civil Project companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting companies Concrete plants minimix Concreters Drainage contractors Earthmoving contractors Excavation contractors Fencing contractors Individuals Landscape architect Landscape design Landscape gardener Landscaper Project management companies Public Readymix concrete plants Residential Builders

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Sand is processed in many ways!
It is washed so the grains can be fine to course and consistent in size, they are suitable for mixing concrete, grouts, paving, tiling, filtration or propagating.
It can also be blended with clay and silt to produce brick sand for mixing mortar, the color and texture will depend on where the sand is quarried from.
Less refined sands are used as packing sand for under concrete slabs and bedding pipes.
Sand is a natural product and its color shading and texture will always slightly vary.

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We offer a range of blended soils and compost to suit your every requirement. From a budget option for building up levels or a premium organic blend.
Improve your existing soil by just adding compost as a soil conditioner, it will help to retain moisture and improve workability.
We have the ideal mix that will help you create that brand new lawn, garden bed or vegetable garden.

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Mulches and bark are ideal for covering garden beds!
They will help to conserve water, stimulate plant growth with regular feeding and reduce weeds.
We stock budget mulches, decorative colored and certified mulches for playground areas. 
They can very in size, color and texture from a fine organic mulch to a larger chip that will complement your garden project.

We Deliver Garden Supplies Melbourne wide!

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Road and driveway compaction, bedding pipes, drainage and general building and construction needs. Commonly crushed from basalt, bluestone,granite,ingenous rock or made from recycled product.

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Decorative products used to finish off,garden beds, pathways, driveways and any surface that will enhance your garden or home.
There unique color and texture will depend from where they are sourced in Victoria and as far as South Australia.
Generally pebbles will have a rounded appearance and stone will be more crushed with squarer and sharper edges.

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Quality pre-mix concrete delivered to your site!
We can mix from 0.4 to 2.6 m3 loads perfect for paths, driveways, foundations and all general concreting.
We deliver though out South East and Bayside areas of Melbourne.
We stock an extensive range of materials that you may need to complete your project.

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We keep an extensive range of hardware and tools for the building industry!
Our large range of stock have has allowed us to supply builders, bricklayers, concreters, tilers, renderers, plumbers, landscapers and the home handyman with all there
materials for many years.
We specialize in giving the builder the total range of accessories and materials for constructing brickwork, laying concrete and landscaping there jobs. One stop shop!

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Cement is used for mixing concrete and mortar, all brands may appear to look the same but are in fact very different!
They all have different setting properties and there color shading will vary significantly. 
Our staff can assist you in choosing the right combination of cement and sand to achieve a desired look for brickwork or mortar.
We stock a large range of paving products, concrete blocks and stumps.

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Here at D'Abaco we can supply materials from the start of any type of building or commercial project, home or unit development site, through to the completion and landscaping.





We sell screenings for laying sewers and scoria for agi drains. There are PVC pipes; galvanised grating and we can deliver mini mix concrete for building storm water pits on site. Sand and crushed rocks can be purchased for bedding pipes.

We are here to let the job run smoothly for you!




For concrete slab construction we have the materials so you can complete the job.

We stock packing sand, builders polythene, steel pegs, mesh supports and fine crushed rock for waffle pad construction.

At D'Abaco we carry an extensive range of finishing tools, trowels, bull floats, aluminium screeds and edging tools.

We make sure you will get that perfect finish!




Builders can purchase crushed rock and rubble for constructing driveways, so they can access vehicles into building sites. As well we stock a large range of steel lintels, metal doorframes, brick sand, cement and lime for brickwork.

There is weather proof sisalation for cladding walls, bonding and tanking products to make you job watertight.

Extensive range of tools, hardware and materials so you can build it right!




We have all the brick ties you need in our product range.

Solid brick, cavity, expanding, veneer, and specialised stainless steel ties for high corrosive areas.

We stock damp course flashings, waterproofing agents, and expansion foam and colour oxides.

So you can mix and lay that perfect batch of mortar we have cement mixers, brick trowels, string lines, corner blocks, profile clamps, gauge rods and a large range of small tools.

We help you make the best layers of bricks!




Our range of tools include gauging, pointing, render, and pool trowels. Quality spirit levels, screeds, expanding metal, aluminium angles and splash machines.

At D'Abaco we also stock a complete range of sand; Brick, blended plaster, concrete and fine, medium and course washed sand.

We have the right sand so you can get the best job done!




To complete your project we have all the materials you need for your landscape and garden requirements.

Our large range of soils, mulch, pebbles, rocks, pavers, and timber edging will make you garden look great.

We stock various types of stones and toppings suitable for paths and driveways.

Please feel free to come in and choose from our extensive range of materials, that comes in a choice of colours that will suit your garden. You can pick up or arrange for a delivery.

We are with you from start to finish!






We deliver Garden Supplies Melbourne wide!
Great flexibility, tandems ,small tippers, truck and trailers.
Deliveries anywhere in metropolitan Melbourne.
We can deliver direct to where your job is located.
Call for delivery charges to your suburb or job site.



The choice is yours to pick up
Come with your truck or trailer 
We can load you up!
Over 50 bins of product.





We deliver all over Melbourne!
Our great location next to Eastlink gives us great access to our local area!

Keysborough, Dandenong, Aspendale, Braeside, Clayton,  Cheltenham, Dingley, Hallam, Glen Waverley, Mulgrave, Mount Waverley, NoblePark, Rowville. Springvale.

Delivery suburbs to our BUILDERS include:

Bayside Melbourne: Bentleigh, BlackRock, Beaumaris Brighton, Hampton, Sandingham, Parkdale, Patterson Lakes.

Eastern Melbourne: Ashwood, Bayswater, Berwick, Bulleen, Box Hill, Canterbury, Caulfield, Camberwell, Carrum Downs, Doncaster, Frankston, Glen Iris, Narre Warren, Hawthorn, Hampton park, Oakleigh, Kew, Ringwood , Scoresby, Toorak.





When you are measuring up your job, you must always work in metres to calculate;

Length, Width and/or Depth.

To calculate the surface area we multiply:

length met x width met = m2 (square metre).

This is how we would estimate the quantity of material we need for paving tiles, mesh for concrete, weed mat for under pebbles or instant and synthetic grass.

To calculate the volume required we multiply:

length met x width met x depth met = m3 (cubic metre).

This is how we would estimate the quantity of material we need for laying concrete, soil for lawns, mulch, pebbles or drainage scoria for drains.

This calculation is used for material that has depth when it is layed.

Hint! Always break unusual shaped areas into different sizes of squares and rectangles to calculate the material required.


For pathways a depth of 75mm after compacting would be suitable for most general pathway areas or a base prior to laying pavers.

For driveways a depth of 100mm after compacting would be suitable for light car traffic.

Depending on the ground conditions or volume of heavy traffic this should be increased up to 150mm - 200mm in depth for larger sites.

Taking care to compact well and choose a heavy grade crushed rock, which is available up to 40mm and larger rubble of 100mm if required.


Compost can be layed 25-50mm over the top of garden beds, while tilling into the surface evenly it will improve soil and stimulate plant growth.

It is also suitable for plants, lawns, trees and vegetable gardens. For new flower beds our organic soil mix, which has 25% compost, will be a great benefit for establishing new plants and trees.

Mulch and pine bark can be layed 75-100mm over the top of garden beds this will help retain moisture in the soil, and reduce pesty weed growth. Always keep the mulch a few centimetres away from the base of trees and plants to prevent rotting.

A good idea is to mix compost and mulch together so it feeds and covers your garden beds providing a great way to encourage worm growth and allowing air and rain to penetrate the soil.


It is important to use a good quality weed mat under your pebbles and stones, this will allow water to pass through to the soil, as well as some of the nutrients. It also will reduce any weeds growing through the pebbles and help with long term maintenance.

The size of stone or pebble will determine the quantity required, for the same area of cover a 75-100mm stone will use twice the volume as a 20mm product.

Selecting plants is also important, as plants with leafy and strappy foliage tend to be hardier plant requiring fewer nutrients for plant growth. They will keep your pebbles and stones looking cleaner over time. Plants that shed flowers and leaves will stain the stones and pebbles if not removed.


For laying bricks: one cubic metre of sand will lay approximately one thousand standard bricks. This may vary depending on wether the bricks are solid or have holes.

For laying concrete blocks: one cubic metre of sand will lay approximately five hundred standard 390x190x90 solid blocks. This will also vary depending on the width and wether they are solid or hollow.

Always remember there are four bricks required to cover the same area as standard 390x190 block.

Sand for screeding floors or rendering walls; Use one cubic metre of sand to cover approximately thirty square metres of area at a depth of 25mm.


Most bulk materials weigh approximately 1,000- 1,300kg per cubic metre, as most materials are sold in 20 kg bags that is the equilivant of 50 - 65 bags per cubic metre.

There is also 1,000 litres to the cubic metre, so bags that are 30 litres would be equilivant to approximately 33 bags per cubic metre.

Concrete pre mix comes in 20 kg bags and it would require 80 bags to make a cubic metre of concrete.

So before you purchase in bags! calculate your quantity in cubic metres and compare your bulk price to the bagged price.





  • Do you offer delivery?

    D'Abaco's offer delivery to all areas of Melbourne to any suburb. We specialise in accommodating the Eastern and South Eastern Suburbs. In regards to the quantities which we deliver, D'Abaco Sand, Soil & Mini Mix Concrete will deliver any amount of products required to your location; specialising in small, medium, and bulk loads.

  • What quantity will I need for my task?

    The most important piece of information that we need from you in order to answer that question is the dimensions of your task or job.

  • How is Concrete made?

    There are many combinations of materials that go into the making of concrete. Typically, it is 3 parts Stone, 2 parts Sand, and 1 part Cement. There is a wide range of brochures available in the store that outlines the different methods of making concrete.

  • What kind of finishing tools do you supply?

    D'Abaco's offer a wide range of finishing tools. A Finishing tool is hardware which enables the user to add a more decorative finish to the task that they are undertaking. For example, a trowel would be used to smooth out freshly laid concrete to add a more decorative finish. We stock Brick layers tools, concreter’s tools, and spirit levels.

  • How do I get more information regarding the uses for my purchased products?

    There are many ways in which D'Abaco's offer extra information to customers. Typically, you can physically drop into our shop and pick up one of the many brochures that we have in stock for product applications. The brochures include product specifications and material characteristics.