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About us

At Contech we are dedicated to providing our local customers with a wide range of concrete solutions Our strength is in adding value with high quality service, experienced –based advice and knowledge on how to utilise the product to meet the expectations of our clients We view every “job” as a “project”, irrespective of size and cost, and each project as a statement in design and quality, that not only you will be proud of, but we will as well. Our many years’ experience in the concrete industry means we are able to service a wide variety of concrete applications saving our clients time and the hassle of engaging multiple contractors. Our diverse experience means we may also be able to make you aware of alternative products , styles ,designs ,and techniques that may assist you in getting the most out of your new project and budget Your satisfaction and a quality result is most important to us as client referrals are a vital source of new work. We hope that your completed project provides us with new clients and we treat every project as an example of our commitment to our work


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Specialty Concrete

The most requested indoor flooring solution


High Gloss Grind & Seal


High gloss grind and seal is the most requested indoor flooring solution

A cost effective and efficient application that can change most boring concrete slabs into a hard wearing , resilient and visually stunning centre piece . Have the look of polished concrete with a very low maintenance seamless floor that will enhance the use of the area and provide a lovely natural look to complement almost any design.


Grid and Seal concrete - Isn't that just a fancy term for Polished Concrete?

Grid and Seal is what professional concreters refer to when describing a clear coating over a polished concrete floor.

Used in both commercial and domestic areas, polishing concrete makes it more resistant to extensive foot traffic. It is enduring and highly durable. Polishing concrete floors is a sustainable way to keep them shiny, clean and beautiful. Polishing concrete floors results in durable, low maintenance flooring option.


Grind & Seal Features

  • Smooth concrete surface.
  • Protected concrete surface.
  • Keep original color and character of the concrete.
  • Different finishes: matte, satin, or glossy.
  • Less hazardous than before the grind and seal.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust free.
  • Low maintenance.


What do our customers say?

I highly recommend Contech for concreting work. Mark is an easy to deal with Professional, who gave great customer service and always got back to me promptly when he said he would.

Gavin, Sunbury


Get in touch

Give Mark a call on 0428 449 364 to discuss your polished concrete or grind and seal concrete projec


The look of pavers but without the maintenance


Pave Cut Concrete


The look of pavers without the expense and maintenance .


If you like the look of pavers but don’t have the time or the budget then check out our pave cut system , we pour the concrete including colour and any boarders or features then saw cut the concrete into squares or diamonds giving the impression the area is paved.

Pave Cut Concrete or Pattern Imprinted Concrete is the technique of applying a patterned mat to a wet concrete surface. Designs range from pave cut to brick work, textured stone and many more.



  • Pave cut concrete really is durable and long lasting
  • installation remains weed free comparied to a concrete block or brick surface.
  • Can be formed into contours, undulations, slopes and steps it is suitable for many applications including driveways, walkways, paths & patios.
  • Reinforced concrete should last a lifetime, if installed and maintained properly!.


What do our customers say?

We regularly engage contech concrete services to handle all our ground work. We have always been very satisfied with the service and quality of work. We highly recommend them to anyone requiring advice on all aspects or construction of concrete.

Bill Hatzigiannis, Steeledge Constructions.


Get in touch

Give Mark a call on 0428 449 364 to discuss your Pave Cut Concrete project.


A rustic stained timber decking with the strength and longevity of concrete.

It's hard to beat the value of a quality decking area in any property. Now imagine that decking with the strength and longevity of concrete, no warping or movement, no broken boards and with our range of colours and stains we can mimick many different types of timber from the lighter colour pines through to the dark and aged red gum.



Timber Stamped Concrete


The best of both worlds - Timber texture matched with the durability of concrete.

Stamping concrete with a timber patten is just many of the specialist concrete treatments that Contech Concrete offers.

Stamping a pattern into your new driveway, path or new landscape project is a great way to add a unique design touch to plain concrete surface. The stamping does need to be added to a new concrete surface, but the list of finishes is quite extensive, be it modern, traditional or contemporary including stone, slate, cobblestone, brick and timber.




  • The look of timber with the durability of concrete.
  • A wide ranges of finishes avaliable.
  • Reduced maintenance compaired with timber.
  • Can be tinted to match the surrounds.


What do our customers say?

Thanks for the workshop floor Mark , good ideas not just concrete, looking forward to the next job.

Tex O'Borne

Get in touch

Give Mark a call on 0428 449 364 to discuss your timber stamped concrete project.

The ultimate new floor choice with that aged rustic charm


Acid Etch Concrete

Does your renovation need a floor that will flow with your country rustic theme, Acid etching is an application applied in the process of a grind and seal, once the concrete has been ground and cleaned the acid can then be applied. This can be one straight colour to give the floor an even presence and tone or a series of burns with different colours to create an aged layer effect. The floor is then sealed with a choice of different levels of gloss sealer to achieve the desired finish.



Acid Etching of concrete flooring is a chemical process that removes surface layer of concrete ready for sealing.

The objective of acid etching is to dissolve the weak surface layer known as laitance and open the pores to allow penetration of the sealer coat. Hydrochloric acid is the chemical used.

Hydrochloric acid is used, either in diluted form or as a gel. The level of dilution of the acid, and the length of time that it is left in contact with the concrete before being washed, off control the depth of exposure.


What do our customers say?

Render it Rite has had the opportunity to work on some projects with Contech, I am impressed with the quality of work that they do & knowledge of what they are doing, I would recommend Contech to people in the future.

Leigh Armstrong, Render it Rite.


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Give Mark a call on 0428 449 364 to discuss your acid etch concrete project




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We are based in the Macedon Ranges and service areas out to Bendigo and down to Melbourne’s North. We will service other areas of Melbourne depending on the project. Contact us to discuss your project