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About us

Concrete Sales has the largest concrete supply network in Victoria and we specialise in dealing with “The Little Guys”. Our plants are heavily located in the Melbourne Metro, Mornington Peninsula and Geelong regions, rural and country areas are also available. There is no one else that has the coverage that we have, you only need to make one phone call for concrete. We are able to offer concrete at prices which are normally only available for people who purchase large volumes of concrete, registered builders and those that are members of buying groups. Due to the large volumes that we buy we are able to pass on the savings to you the customer. We have industry experienced staff that know exactly what you are talking about when we answer your call. If you have never ordered concrete before our friendly staff are more than happy to give you helpful advice.


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Our Strengths

We boast a large, hardworking team but that does not mean that we sacrifice attention to detail and a more personalized approach. We have previously worked with a number of large scale clients, however our focus and specialty is with looking after the ‘little guys’ of business. There are not many concrete companies in Melbourne that can say the same, and it is for this reason that we possess such a robust reputation among clients. Our job is to make the order process for your concrete as smooth and easy as possible.

Our Network - Who We Recommend

VIC Mix Concrete, Holcim, Hanson, Broadway & Frame, ALSAFE Premix Concrete, Boral, Hy-Tec

Why Choose Us

We are committed to using reputable suppliers who only use the best materials available. Due to the large volumes that we buy we are able to pass the savings over to you. We pride ourselves on the highest standards in customer satisfaction through integrity with a personal level of service from our industry experienced staff. We have the widest coverage area for concrete supply. With one phone call we can arrange concrete when and where you need it.

Our Client Base

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More on Us


Not only can Concrete Sales supply your concrete we can also arrange to have it laid as well. There are many concreters out there who are great sales people that call themselves concreters but far too often these guys leave you with more headaches than what you had before they started. Some will want money upfront and take off, others will leave a job not finished, some can trowel the job off that roughly it will make it look your daughter in kindergarten could done a better job and one thing is for sure all of these type of guys won’t answer your phone calls. We have noticed that the before mentioned happens way to often in this industry and Concrete Sales is here to help. Over many years of dealing with concreters we know which ones are the best to deal with and we are more than happy to provide you with a list of concreters that will do the right thing at every step of the way.



With a number of concrete suppliers in Melbourne connected to our business, we are always able to scout the best deal for the individual client. We can get our clients the discounted concrete prices in Melbourne that are usually only reserved for suppliers, registered builders and those who are members of special buying groups. This is because we buy in bulk at wholesale prices, and can therefore pass the savings directly on to our customers. The flexibility of having a range of providers also means that while we usually recommend leaving leeway of a day or two for your order, we have been known to arrange same-day deliveries. If you are in a pickle, then you can rely on our reliable concrete supply in Melbourne.

If you are looking for affordable concrete prices in Melbourne, including the delivery and full service of a highly capable team, then trust one of the most recognized concrete companies in Melbourne. Here at Concrete Sales, we see every new client as an opportunity to create new long term business relationships that are beneficial to everyone. We are able to offer concrete at competitive prices which are normally only available for people who purchase large volumes of concrete, registered builders and those that are members of buying groups. Due to the large volumes that we buy we are able to pass on the savings to you the customer.






Suppliers of Premium Concrete Materials

As the concrete experts, we understand that there are many different factors which will influence the concrete products Melbourne that you choose. Laying concrete is a job which is achievable for the home handy man, as well as for qualified tradespeople. However, it is important to have some knowledge of the strength, aggregate, wetness and size of concrete which is appropriate for the job at hand.

Our team will advise you on our impressive concrete products in Melbourne

Concrete strength ranges from 15mpa through to 100mpa. This is clearly a huge range and so it is very important that you are confident of the strength of concrete that you require for the task. The following guidelines are the industry standards:

  1. 20mpa & 25mpa is most commonly used for House slabs, Foundations, Driveways and Footpaths.

  2. 32mpa & 40mpa is most commonly used for Suspended Slabs, Car Parks or high volume vehicle traffic areas.

  3. 50mpa and above has been designed and requested by engineers for high rise buildings and other special applications.

You can also choose the aggregate, or the size of the grain, which is available from 7mm to 20mm in premixed concrete. As well as functional considerations, concrete decisions should also consider how the end product will look. While concrete is naturally grey, there are a number of ways that you can alter the shade and colour. Colour oxide added to the mix will achieve this.


Order the Perfect Concrete Products in Melbourne

Slump is a term used to measure the wetness of concrete, and it is important that you order the correct slump for your intended purpose; otherwise there are risks of uneven pouring, premature cracking and excessive drying times. The most standard slump for concrete is 80, which is how you would expect concrete to be delivered if no special slump is specified. With concrete sales, the slump can be ordered between anywhere 20 and 180, with 20 being extremely dry and 180 being extremely wet. Our professional team is able to offer estimates of the slump that would best suit your job over the phone, however in professional situations the recommended slump, along with strength and aggregate size should all be specified in the building or engineer plans.




  • 20mpa & 25mpa is most commonly used for House slabs, Foundations, Driveways and Footpaths.

  • 32mpa & 40mpa is most commonly used for Suspended Slabs, Car Parks or high volume vehicle traffic areas.

  • 50mpa and above has been designed and requested by engineers for high rise buildings and other special applications.


Blockfill / Cavity Fill

Blockfill / Cavity fill is used for filling up block work or double skin brickwork with concrete for either retaining walls or for when the engineer has designed that the wall needs extra strength. These mixes can vary in strength from 20mpa to 40mpa which use a 7mm aggregate and can be ordered from 120 to 360 slump. The Concrete has a higher slump (wetter than normal) which is required to fill the voids and leave no air pockets or sections with concrete which will weaken the wall. These mixes are generally pumped in via a concrete pump using a 2″ delivery line to make the filing of the walls as easy and mess free as possible.


Spray Mixes

Spray Mixes are used for shotcreting where concrete is pumped using a concrete pump where a compressed airline is connected to the delivery hose and actually throws the concrete from the hose. These mixes are generally used for swimming pools, retaining walls and embankments. Spray mixes are generally 20 mpa to 50mpa and have a design slump of 60, Silica fume is used to help the concrete stand up vertically.



Slabs in the ground are the most common and has two variants: conventional slabs with deep excavated beams dug into the natural ground and waffle pod slabs, which sit on top of the ground and have a grid of expanded polystyrene foam pods as void formers creating a maze of beams in between. The concrete strength will vary depending on soil test results and what the engineer has specified, 20Mpa and 25Mpa are the most commonly used concrete strength.



Foundations and footings as they are also know by are typically made of 20Mpa or 25Mpa concrete with rebar reinforcement that has been poured into an excavated trench. The depth and width of the trench will be determined by an engineer. Foundations are commonly used on sloping blocks where bricks are laid directly onto the concrete and the house will generally have stumps to support the flooring.


Paving / Coloured Concrete

Coloured Premixed concrete is a effective way of bringing the concrete to life. Colour can be added to any strength of concrete in many different colours ranging from the traditional charcoal to colours that glow in the dark. The possibilities are endless….. Colour guides are available online from both Boral and Hanson. These colour guides are only an indication only as they can appear to be a different colour on a computer screen or printout.


Stabilised Sand

Stabilised sand is used on applications where a compacted or hardened fill is required. Most common practice is backfilling trenches over the top of pipes but is also used for backfilling around fiberglass swimming pools. Stabilised sand comes in 3% to 30% cement content.


No Fines Concrete

No fines concrete is used when strength is required and water must be able to penetrate the surface. Common use of no fines concrete is behind retaining walls, around trees and on driveways where too much of the site is covered not allowing for water to penetrate into the soil. It achieves excellent water drainage.





Site Accessibility

Will a standard concrete truck be able to get access to where the concrete is to be placed? Do I require a mini mixmaxi or twin steer truck for the concrete delivery. If a fully loaded concrete truck is to be driven onto the property, will it cause damage to items such as driveways, paths, patios and services in the ground such as stormwater and sewer pipes? If so, will a smaller truck such as a mini-mix truck avoid the problem, or will it be better to pump the concrete from the street? Concrete trucks are not liable for any damages beyond the kerbside.


Placement Method

The simplest method of placing concrete is to be able to discharge the concrete directly into its final position from the concrete truck, ie placement by chute. If wheelbarrows will be used to transport the concrete from the truck to its final position, remember that 1 m3 of concrete weighs about 2400 kg. Using a conventional 50-litre-capacity wheelbarrow will take 15 trips and each wheelbarrow load will weigh about 160 kg. To make transporting the concrete easier, it is recommended to only half fill each wheelbarrow, even though it will double the number of trips.


Allowing for Wastage 

As a general rule for small projects, 10% extra concrete should be allowed for wastage when estimating the volume required. This allows for small errors in estimating and/or allows for concrete left in the hopper of a concrete pump. Concrete volumes should be carefully estimated from on-site measurements and not from drawings or plans. Variations in the slab thickness, deflection or movement of forms, over excavation, uneven or irregular ground levels, placement on uncompacted sand or fill and use for other minor items are all things that can not be assessed from drawings or plans. Concrete can be ordered in multiples of 0.2 m3, so when ordering the concrete the estimated quantity should be rounded up to the next 0.2 m3. For example, if it is estimated from measurement that 2.85 m3 is required for a garage floor slab, add an allowance for wastage (say 10% or 0.28 m3) giving a total of 3.13 m3, round up to the nearest 0.2 m3 and order 3.2 m3.

Remember when ordering concrete, it is far more economical to order a little extra and to send the excess back than to have to order a small additional quantity to finish the job. This will save you money in the long run.



We have selected our most popular mixes and placed them into a fully landscaped front garden that you can access 7 days a week at a time that suits you. Our display yard has sales staff available Monday to Friday from 8-00am to 5-00pm and also on Saturday morning until 12-00pm. If you would like to make an appointment to speak with one of our sales consultants please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 266 272.



Depending on the job and worksite it may be necessary to deliver your concrete in more than one truck, or maybe even employ a concrete pump to transport the concrete to a location that a conventional truck cannot reach.

As there are several variations of these vehicles at our disposal we’ve listed their specifications below so your can review your options.


Mini Mix Trucks (10T)

Used for small loads and restricted access sites.

Carrying Capacity                  0.4m³ To 2.2m³             Dimensions:    
Weight 10 tonnes loaded Height     2.8m access required        
Chute Length 2.5m Length 5.5m
Chute Height 1.1m Width 2.5m access required



Maxi Trucks (23T)

Used for larger loads at commonly used with concrete pumps.

Carrying Capacity              0.4m³ To 5.8m³              Dimensions:                                        
Weight 22.5 tonnes loaded Height         4.0m access required       
Chute Length 2.8m Length 7.3m
Chute Height 1.6m Width 3.0m access required



Twin Steer Trucks (28T)

Used for large jobs with ample room to manoeuvre.

Carrying Capacity                   0.4m³ To 7.0m³                      Dimensions:                                       
Weight 27.5 tonnes loaded Height         4.0m access required      
Chute Length 2.8m Length 8.9m
Chute Height 1.6m Width 3.0m access required





We can provide effective pumps on site

Sometimes it is not feasible to maneuver the concrete truck on location. In these circumstances, the truck will remain on the street beside your property, and a pump will be fitted which will transport your concrete from the truck to its intended usage. We are the only concrete supplier that offers Concrete Pumping Melbourne as a helpful additional service.

Sometimes large amounts of concrete in a truck are simply too heavy to be driven across your property. The immense weight would risk causing damage. In this case, a pump can be used to transport large volumes of concrete directly to your project site. In some other scenarios, it is not the weight of the truck that is an obstacle but its size. Perhaps your back yard is inaccessible to a large truck. Here you can use a pump for as little as 1.0m³ of concrete. There are two types of concrete pumps: line pumps and boom pumps.


Choose the versatile concrete pumping solution in Melbourne

A line pump is a very dynamic solution to the problems of concrete transport. Line pumps are essentially pipes that are laid on the ground and attached directly to your project site. They can be used for anything form filling cavities to laying entire slabs or foundations. This type of pump is ideal for sites which have restricted access, as the pump itself has a very minimal footprint and they can be installed on virtually any angle. The pumps that we provide carry 80m Line on them.


Pour quickly with efficient concrete pumping equipment in Melbourne

Boom pumps are crane-like structures which send concrete up and over rather than along the ground in a pipe. They are commonly used for pouring house slabs, foundations, or any project which requires a large volume poured quickly. Boom pumps also come in handy for work on high rise buildings.

Boom Pumps are much more efficient at laying concrete when compared to line pumps. However, boom pumps do require certain site conditions if they are to be used safely. They are rather large in scale, and require a large amount of room above the project area. Any site that is cluttered with trees, power lines or other buildings may not be able to use this pumping apparatus.

Boom pumps are the most effective concrete pumping method in Melbourne when given the correct site conditions. Boom pumps are a crane like pump which are required to setup the outrigger legs on firm and stable ground, the ground needs to be relatively flat and the boom needs room to open up and be free from obstructions like power lines and trees. Boom pumps also require flat and stable ground, otherwise the pumps risks toppling over.



Line Pumps

Line pumps are the most versatile type of concrete pump, they have a small footprint and can be setup on nearly any angle. They have numerous sized delivery lines which can be used for filling cavity walls to pumping bulk concrete into slabs and foundations. Line pumps can be used on numerous job sites where there is simply not enough room for a boom pump to setup. The type of jobs a line pump can do are endless. Our line pumps carry 80m Line on them and more pipe can be arranged for those jobs where you just need the concrete that little bit further.



Boom Pumps

Boom pumps are the most efficient method of placing concrete given the correct site conditions. Boom pumps are a crane like pump which are required to setup the outrigger legs on firm and stable ground, the ground needs to be relatively flat and the boom needs room to open up and be free from obstructions like power lines and trees. Boom pumps are regularly used for house slabs, foundations, where large volumes of concrete need to be placed and on high rise buildings.

The concrete pumps get used on many small jobs when you simply can’t get a wheel barrow to where you need the concrete placed.

We have a pump for your every requirement, whether it is 2m3 to a cavity wall of 250m3 to a car park slab.




“I was daunted at first, but felt very comfortable with the whole process” – Jenny, Croydon Hills

“This is a service that saves me time !” – John, Altona

“I have been in the industry for 35 years and these guys offer a great service that saves me time and money” – Paul, Carrum Downs

“They really know what they are talking about, friendly and personal service” – Marcus, Rosebud