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Chattanoga Tennessee
United States

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5959 Shallowford RD Suite 405
Chattanoga Tennessee 37421
United States

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  • Fresno
  • Ft Lauderdale
  • Peoria
  • San Bernardino
  • Topeka

About us

Concrete Earth manufactures Drycrete Moisture Stop a water based moisture mitigation compound for concrete. We offer a "life of the concrete warranty against moisture failures". We are compatible with all adhesives and coatings. CSI Designation: Div. 3 - 03-05-00 Moisture Mitigation Div. 3 - 03-39-00 Cure & Seal Div. 9 - 09-96-10 Floor Treatments - MVER Control


Concrete chemical manufacturers

Our Strengths

Factory reps on site at ready mix plant and job site.

Why Choose Us

We offer the most effective and tested products for moisture mitigation. Excellent customer service.

Our Client Base

Polished floor concreters Precast concrete manufacturers Readymix concrete plants