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Bendigo Victoria 3550

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About us

We are a locally owned business in Bendigo and have been operating for over 30 years. We employ our local staff and have qualified mechanics maintaining our equipment. We provide the public with the equipment needed to assist the building and development of Central Victoria’s new infrastructure, down to helping with gardening projects in thousands of backyards.


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Our Strengths

We have a large display showroom where we showcase new equipment that is up for sale. We sell brands such as Wacker, Husqvarna, Parchem and Diamond Flex to name a few. We are members of the HRIA and EWPA and TSHA and our clients range from the DYI market to major commercial builders. Our focus is customer-service combined with well-maintained late-model plant. In order to assist our customers we have an accredited trainer who regularly conducts Yellow Card training courses in Scissor lifts, Boom lift under 11m, Vertical lift and Trailor lift.

Why Choose Us

At Bendigo Hire, we offer a very diverse range of products, predominately in the construction and home handy man lines. Our team provides honest and uncomplicated rates and services and can deliver to customers within a 150km radius. At Bendigo Hire, we focus on keeping our equipment fully maintained and running to a high standard with two full-time mechanics on staff.

Our Client Base

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More on Us



We offer a 4hr rate (Sundays excluded), a daily rate, weekly rate, monthly rate and a special weekend rate on most of our hire equipment. We can deliver to your job site up to around 150kms from our Bendigo yard - contact us for an estimate of freight charges.



Our air compressors range from portable 12cfm (cubic feet per minute) to 290 cfm towable units. The smaller units are either electric or petrol operated machines which can be used in smaller type domestic and commercial jobs. The electric compressors do not emit any carbon monoxide fumes so therefore can be used in an enclosed situation. Petrol types should only be used in outdoor or well ventilated conditions.

Our 33cfm air compressor is the only 3 phase powered unit we have.

Our range of tow diesel powered portable air compressors range from130cfm, 148 cfm, 175cfm,185cfm, 290 cfm and 300 cfm are complemented by hoses as well to make your job easier, some air fittings may need to be altered to suit your individual needs.

All of the tow air compressors are capable of running multiple air powered tools at the one time.

The 290 and 300 cfm units are the only units capable of running sandblasting equipment.




Air equipment and tools complement our range of air compressors or your own compressor depending on its size and application. Items such as nail guns (T nail, Coil, Secret Nail and Framing types),air chisel and air nail punch sets can be used with smaller 12 to 15cfm air compressors. Other items such as jackhammers, scabblers and some impact wrenches may require something bigger.




Framing guns are to be used with 12 to 15cfm air compressors make the construction of framework easier. Being hand held and having the ability to shoot a 75mm nail.



Our most popular post hole digger is the petrol powered hydraulic operated 1 person post hole digger. This ubit is fitted with wheels that enable it to be easily wheeled around on site by a single person operation. Fitted with Honda 4 stroke petrol engines these units are easy to start and can be operated even by a novice. They have both boring and reverse operation at the push of a lever. The easily pull apart for transportation. Auger sizes available are 100,150,200,250,300 and 350mm.

If space is tight then our Stihl 2 person post hole digger may suit your needs, powered by Stihl powerful 2 stroke engine this machine is easy to use but does require 2 people in its operation. Auger sizes range from 100,150,200,250,300 and 350 mm.

For those fortunate enough to have very soft ground or sandy soil we have the cheaper version in a manual hand auger of various sizes. Not normally suited to Bendigo soil conditions though.





Our range of compaction products begin at the humble vibe plate which can be used for compacting sand or gravel prior to paving , concrete preparation or for pathway formation work, Upright jumping jacks called rammers are used for trench compaction work where a narrow plate rammer is required. For those larger jobs we can use a pedestrian roller (Self propelled walk behind) which is great for more open space areas like small car park, shed floor or driveway. For driveways and road construction we have a petrol driven 1.2 ton double drum sit on self propelled roller and the biggest in the fleet the double drum 2.5 ton sit on vibrating roller. Both the pedestrian and 1.2 ton rollers are available on their own purposely built trailer whilst the double drum roller has to be transported by tilt tray truck or similar.



A vast range of concrete equipment includes items such as cement mixers, concrete grinders, trowellers, portavibes and many models of concrete saws. Some of these machines have both electric or petrol versions depending on inside or outdoor use.

The sizing and types of blades are variable and can be changed on request for saws.

Other concreting tools such as bull floats, screeds are available for hire as well as small hand tool range being available for sale.




Our category of cutters includes items such as large bolt cutters, concrete cutting saws, electric tile cutting saws, score and snap tile cutters for the professional or DIY person, these can be used on small tiles right up to tiles of 900 mm.

Walk behind concrete cutting saws. Wood cutting saws. Metal cutting saws, wall chasers.



Bendigo Hire offers a diverse range of drills for the DIY person or the trade professional.

We have air powered rock drills and steels to suit in various lengths.

Electric powered hammer drills for drilling through concrete of various sizes.

Collated screw guns for fixing plaster, petrol powered drills for driving wood augers for drilling holes in wood/wire fences, paint and glue stirring drills and concrete core drills and core bits to suit up to 125mm.

Magnetic based drills and broach cutters are available for more serious applications like drilling of steel girders or truck chassis.



Commonly used in the building & construction industry by electricians, carpenters, steel riggers, painters etc.

EWP’s as they are commonly called come in many various shapes and sizes and are designed to do specific tasks depending if the task is indoors or outdoors.

Included in this category are scissor lifts, cherry pickers, vertical lifts and boom lifts.




Trench digging and general excavation tasks are easily done when using our Wacker Neuson 1404 mini excavators, with both backhoe or excavator pattern opeartion at the flick of a switch and quick hitch bucket release these are great and easy to use machinery. these come with 300mm and 450 digging buckets as well as a 900mm mud bucket for final trimmig. These units are transported on light weight aluminium trailers that are specific to these units.

Our Kanga 6 series mini loaders are ideal for that landscaping job in the back yard or for spreading that load of crushed rock or sand that you have had delivered. These units can also be used with the optional extras such as post hole borers 200,300, and 450mm diam to a depth of 800mm, these units also come on custom built trailers.



This section contains plant items like our Floor Sanding range which includes Floor sander (204mm wide) Edge sander and Finish sander, Beaver 250 electric powered Vinyl stripper (on concrete floor).

Floor cramps, Floor board lifters, Hilti shoot down gun (for frame fixing timber to Concrete), Floor polisher and carpet Rug kickers.

We have recently added to our range a new product called a tile smasher, this comprises a Hitachi 16 kg electric jack hammer mounted on a purpose built trolley and fitted with a special head and blade when combined the removal of ceramic tiles becomes a lot easier.




We have a great range of generators ranging from 3 KVA through to 70 KVA.

Generators are available in either Petrol or Diesel engines, the smaller units (up to 10KVA) are 4 stroke petrol powered engines combined with a generator that produce 240 Volts are on steel frames fitted with wheels on the rear and lift handles on the front these units are all fitted with RCD's to ensure your safety whilst using them.

Our Diesel powered units range from 20 KVA through to 70 KVA and most can be towed behind a suitable vehicle. These units are fitted with 240 volt and also have 5 pin 32 amp 3 phase plugs fitted to them. Our range is made up of 20 kva, 22 kva, 30kva, 35 kva, 60 kva and 70 kva. All generators are fitted with RCD protected outlets. Some units can also be hard wired into switchboards, please speak to our staff about hard wire units and hard wire kits.

Various uses are temporary power for builders, shearers, camping, events, back up power supply for Industry and Commercial applications.





Grinders can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for many different applications including cutting & grinding of steel and also for grinding of concrete.

Grinders can be hand held or mounted on frames or trolleys.

Our smaller grinders are hand held and are available in 100mm (4 inch) or 230 mm (9 inch) electric versions and are commonly used for grinding or cutting steel.

We also have various types of concrete grinders for use in either a wet or dry grinding application.

Due to very diverse applications we suggest that you speak with one of our staff members for guidance on the correct grinders for your personal application.

For concrete grinding information we suggest looking at the web site of our supplier www.floorex.com.au



We have a range of Jetfire LPG heaters for hire, these units do require 240 volt power to run the fan. These units provide instant heat for that large area like a shed or commercial building. These are not for use in homes.

We also have for hire Patio heaters for that special party or event.



Jacks are commonly used for lifting various forms of heavy items.

In our range we have Bottle jacks, Trewella Jacks, German Jacks, 2000 kg Pallet jacks, Hi Lift jacks.

We also have available for hire 10 or 20 tonne hydraulic porta powers.

Hydraulic pipe benders for forming steel pipe are also available.



Diesel powered Kanga skid steer loaders are a very useful item of plant for many varied tasks around the home or construction site. Of the range of Kangas we only operate the 6 Series machine.

These are basically a smaller version of a Bobcat or similar. The main differnce being that you stand on the rear of the machine during operation.

These machines can be fitted with a front bucket, Post Hole attachment with200mm,300mm and 450mm size augers, 100mm and 125mm wide chain trench attachment for plumbing or electrical trenches is available and these can trech down to 600mm depths.

These machines are commonly used to move crushed rock, soil or mulch etc into tight areas as they are only 1050mm wide, great for tight areas or limited access.

For customer convenience all of our kangas are transported on our purpose built trailers that house both the machine and attachments. Towing by a 4 WD or small truck is recommended.




We have a comprehensive range of Garden equipment for the home or small commercial use.

Our diverse range includes Chippers and Mulchers for cleaning up those tree branches.

Hedge Trimmers, Lawn Mowers (Big & Small).

Rotary Hoes and a Garden Tiller for turning & preparing soil for lawn or a vegetable garden.

We also hire a Stump Grinder and Turf Cutter (both towable) and Chain Saws (both electric & petrol engine) Plus much more!! including Hedge trimmers and lawn edgers



If you need to lift heavy items we have a diverse range of Slings, Rous a bout lifter, Kerrick Genie lifts, Tirfors, Chain Blocks, Fork Lifts, Piano Trolleys, Wallaby Winch, Lever blocks and Pallet trucks to name a few.




Measuring of distance or height can now be done easily with our range of Measuring wheels, Dumpy levels, Laser levels, Pipe gradient laser or tape measures.



If you are a DIY person or a professional painter then we have the right gear for you,

Our comprehensive range includes Scaffold, Extension ladders, Platform Ladders, Step Ladders, Painters Trestles and Planks, Gas or Electric heat guns, Paint & Glue stirrers & Airless spray units just to name part of our range.

New item is a Giraffe sander & vaccuum for sanding of plaster board for ceilings and walls in a dust free environment.



Our range is aimed at the professional plumber with items like Water tapping kits, Cast iron cutters, Sewer and Drain cleaners, Pipe benders, Stilsons, pipe laser, laser level, hand pipe threader, Hydraulic pipe bender and formers, Large electric pipe cutter/threader that do easily cut-deburr and thread gal or steel pipe from 20mm up to 100mm in diamater.




All jobs have hazards & risks and safety is the number one priority with any task to be undertaken. We have items such as Roof harness safety kits, Safety bollards and Witches hats, Plastic Barricade, Safety signs, Flashing lights, Confined space entry tripod and harness, platform ladders plus much more.



Our range of pumps are made up of Electric submersible pumps for emptying swimming pools or water tanks through to larger petrol powered or even Diesel powered units for emptying dams or large volume water transfer.

Electric submersible pumps are simply lowered into the pond or pool and require no priming for operation.

Petrol engine powered flexdrive pumps are used for dirty muddy type water like building site footings or post holes

Diesel powered 75mm or 100mm units are more for moving large quantitys of water like dam emptying.

Various lenths and diamaters of hose are also available to suit the pumps.



Our comprehensive range of saws will fit most every job that requires sawing or cutting. We have saws that will cut Firewood, Framing timber, Concrete cutting saws with Diamond blades, Jig saws, Radial arm saws, Chain saws, Telescopic chain saw, Tile saw, Brick & Paver saw, Steel cut saw, Asphalt cutting saw and much more.



We are proud to hire the No Bolt range of mobile scaffold. These mobile scaffolds are used in areas that require a Worksafe legal method of reaching that high ceiling or painting that gable, various sizes are available to various heights.

Frame sizes are 1200,1800,2400 or 3000mm. Can be fitted with wheels or Base jacks (flat steel feet)

Worksafe Vic requires a licenced scaffolder to erect any scaffold over a 4.0m platform height. ( 6.0m working height) That is 4.0m platform + 2.0m of body height

We also have smaller flat surface Rapid Scaff for those narrow passage jobs.

A large range of Platform ladders are also available.

Acrow props are used to support things like a veranda or during building construction to support multi level buildings. 





Our range of Portable site sheds are used as Lunch Rooms, Site Offices, First Aid rooms or Ticket office for short term special events.

Size options are 6 x 3metre, 4.8 x 2.4metre or 3.6 x 2.4 metre

These sheds can be fitted with many options like table & chairs, fridge, micro wave, mini boil, filling cabinets, pie warmers, plan benches etc.



In order to satisfy our customers diverse cleaning need we have various types and sizes of Pressure washers, from small Electric cold water units for small home cleaning like walls, decking tasks through to 4000 psi petrol powered units for blasting mould or moss from roofs or concrete for large areas we also have a rotary whirl a way this unit attaches to our 4000 psi wash and has the ability to wash a 450mm wide strip at full pressure in 1 pass.

We also supply various types of Vacuum cleaners & Dust extractors for building site clean ups or bigger cleaning jobs around the house.These units have special filtration for handling very fine dust like plaster or concrete dust. Our units have 70 litre bases that minimise the number of times the unit needs to be emptied.

Wet vacs for emergency flooding situation are also available.

Carpet drying fans are also available for cold air drying of carpets that will prevent shrinking( if heat is used they shrink)



Heavy duty vinyl tarps are available in a range of sizes and are ideal for that re roofing job or for roofs that suffer from storm damage. All of our tarps are fitted with tie down ropes that ensure secure fitting.

Tarp sizes are 9 x 6 metre or 6.0 x 3.6 metre



If you are renovating your home or having extra people over for that special event we have portable toilet and single showers available for hire. Some toilets are even on a trailer so you can tow them to that special event or camping.

For larger building sites we have either sewer connect type toilets of 2, 3,4 or even 5 pan & urinal in them. We can even provide a 4000 litre waste tank that sits under the toilet block if a sewer connection is not available.

We have also recently added to our range a single toilet sewer connect that is ideal for smaller building sites with very limited room or for that home renovation, these units are connected to mains water and the waste is emptied via piping connected by the plumber into the sewer point.



Our list of plant contains a very comprehensive range of hand help power tools, some of the range include. Electrical drills and hammer drills for concrete. Power hand saws, Paint/Render stirrer, 19mm Impact wrench, Floor sander, Edge sander, Belt sander, Concrete core drill, Plaster board sander, Electric plane, Steel cutting saw plus many more.



This list can include items such as Concrete bull float, hand trowels, small earth augers, floor board lifters, floor cramps, crowbar, shovel, wheel barrow, brick buggy, piano trolley, appliance trolley, heavy machinery skates, lawn rollers plus lots more.



We have Central Victorias most comprehensive range of trailers for virtually all needs, we have many sizes and listed below is a selection of what we offer.

Furniture removal trailers for those that wish to move items like furniture in a secure fully enclosed trailer that comes complete with trolley, ramp, ropes and packing blankets. These are 3.0 m x 1.8metre tandem trailers

Car trailers used for car break downs or transportation of larger items like cubby houses or long lengths of timber. (Trailer is 4.2m long internally x 2.000 m wide)

High sided trailers with rear tail gate ramp- great for that load for the tip. In 2.7 x 1.5 m OR 2.4m x 1.5m

Tandem trailers for carrying firewood or soil or heavy type items. 3.0m x 1.8, 2.7 x 1.5, 2.4 x 1.5metre options

Single axle trailers for small loads of rubbish or green waste.1.8 x1.2, 2.4 x 1.5metre

We also stock water carts with 600 litre tanks fitted with fire fighting pump and hose.

Please note that we DO NOT ALLOW any of our trailers for INTERSTATE travel use. If taken interstate by hirers we will report the trailer as STOLEN to Police.

For customers information a Single Axle trailer has a GCM of 750 KG.

Tandem trailers have a GCM of 2000 KG.

Please check your vehicles towing capacity on your vehicles compliance plate.



We have small traps for animals like Cats, Foxes and Possums.

Our traps are designed to ensure that no harm is done to the animals once trapped and they can then safely be transported to safe release point without removing the animal from the cage.



Our range of welders include 240v Arc Welders for the home handyman or trady.

Gas mig for a multitude of welding jobs.

Gasless mig for light welding like car panels or thin steel.

Large 400 amp Diesel powered welding rig mounted to a trailer for heavy industrial welding jobs. This unit also is fitted with a 7kva generator

Petrol engine powered welder/ 10 kva generator combination on a skid frame.