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Alexandra Victoria

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6 Peterkin Place
Alexandra Victoria 3714

    Servicing Locations    

  • Acheron
  • Alexandra
  • Cathkin
  • Euroa
  • Mansfield
  • Murrindindi
  • Rubicon
  • Seymour
  • Strathbogie
  • Yea

About us

Alexandra & Yea Premix deliver concrete too the Shire of Murrindindi and surrounding areas, we deliver Normal Mixes, Structural, Decorative and Customer Specific Mixes. We stock all reinforcing steel and accessories. We are proud leaders in our business. Our staff with years of experience aim to deliver your concrete with care.


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Our Strengths

Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix are who you go to when you need a concrete supplier in Alexandra. Dave and wife Ellen Hollis run the business and are always on hadn to assist with all your pre mix concrete requirements. We can create pre-cast concrete to your own specifications, making the whole job hassle free! Call us today to discuss your precast concrete needs.

Why Choose Us

We are proud leaders in our business. Our staff are fully qualified tradesmen with years of experience. At Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix we have been doing the job for years, we know that you want quality, affordability and efficiency. Alexandra & Yea Premix have manufactured Ready Mixed concrete for over 28 years.

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil Project companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting Commercial concreting companies concreter Concreters Individuals Public Residential Residential Builders

More on Us

Alexandra & Yea Premix has been operating the Alexandra and Yea district for over 30 years.

With its long history operating in the area Alexandra & Yea Premix has become the preferred supplier for the district.

We supply Premix Concrete for a large range of projects from Residential and Commercial Buildings to Bridges, Pools, Foothpaths and Kerb Mix.

 No job is to large or to small!

We stock all Concrete Accesorries including Reinforcing Mesh, Under Slab Plastic, Bar Chairs, Loop Ties and Waffle Pods.

We can reccomend local concreters and builders for your project.






We deliver precast concrete across the Murrindindi Shire, with yards located at Alexandra & Yea. Alexandra & Yea Premix at Alexandra and Yea are industry leaders when it comes to Ready Mixed Concrete supplies. We can deliver:

  • Normal Mixes

  • Structural

  • Decorative

  • Customer Specific Mixes

Call us today to discuss your precast concrete needs.



Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix’s pre-cast concrete can be delivered to your work site at a time that is convenient for you and your business. Our concrete is already cured, which means that the finished product can be used immediately!

Don’t risk problems with the concrete not setting or being damaged in situ before it has properly set – get our pre cast concrete and get the job done! 



Unique Design

Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix can tailor our precast concrete to your specifications. Each piece can be individually manufactured to your requirements. Penetrations and exact heights can be incorporated directly from your engineering plans to create a custom built pit where needed.

We also offer a full range of access covers and gratings to finish your project. Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix - the concrete supplier in Alexandra.

As experienced concrete suppliers, we know that concrete is not all you need. We also stock all reinforcing steel and accessories.




Safety is important to us. Open excavations can be dangerous and it can be costly to maintain safety fences/barriers.

Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix has short installation times, which means that the time staff spend deep inside excavations is kept to a minimum, and barricading and safety equipment are not needed for extended periods.

It also saves on production downtime due to staff having to spend their day supervising other staff in the trench. Alexandra & Yea Pre Mix’s range of pre-cast concrete is an essential product for pedestrian access areas, which is where our same day job completion comes in handy.