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Molendinar QLD Queensland

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22-24 Jade Drive, Molendinar QLD 4214
Molendinar QLD Queensland 4214

About us

Do you need a reliable waste-management partner who can start a job fast and keep the bins empty? We can help. We provide skip and hook bins up to 40m for your project, manage their collection and return, and deal with the waste at our own transfer station.


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Our Strengths

We are Australian owned and centrally located at Molendinar on the Gold Coast, so unlike some of the larger companies with depots located outside our corridor, we can get started on a job with only a short notice. Not only are we prompt with our service, but we are competitive with our prices. Send us any quote for hiring hook bins, and we will beat it by 10%. We can keep costs down because we have our own local transfer station, rather than having to travel longer distances to other locations and we want to pass those savings onto you.

Why Choose Us

Because we are located in the Gold Coast region, we can ensure that the hook bins we provide you will be emptied on time, every time. With us, you won’t have to worry about waiting for trucks or being caught out with a pile of waste on site.

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Commercial builders Public Residential Residential Builders

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    Please Select One Value...10m3 (4.9m L x 2.25m W x 1.5m H)15m3 (6.2m L x 2.45m W x 1.6m H)20m3 (6.2m L x 2.45m W x 2.0m H)30m3 (6.2m L x 2.45m W x 2.5m H)40m3 (6.9m L x 2.9m  W x 2.45m H)Not Sure



Call us today ​for ​the most cost effective way to dispose of your waste.


We are specialists in the provision of waste management solutions on the Gold Coast and throughout the Northern Rivers.


Fully licensed with all approvals and
permits in place


Our services include prompt collection

Competitive Rates

We are committed to always extending our best price service offer

Centrally Located

Covering Yatala To Northern Rivers

​Waste Management Group is compliant and certified under the ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems, ensuring our services are safe, reliable and of a high standard in quality.


Waste Management Group are dedicated to finding alternative uses for all construction waste material. We care about our environment, and we are focused on becoming a market leader in the construction and demolition debris recycling industry. With Skip Bins and large volume Hook Bins for hire, and a centrally located Transfer Station in Molendinar, Waste Management Group provides a total waste and recycle service covering the Yatala to ​Northern Rivers. Professional and reliable, our services include prompt collection and recycle, or we accept and process commercial waste from waste collectors via our best guarantee tipping service.


​​Waste Management Group is committed to preserving tomorrow’s environment and all waste collected via our bin hire and recycle service, or via contracted waste operators, is brought for processing to our Waste Management Group Transfer Station in Molendinar.

For waste contractors, we provide an onsite commercial weighbridge and tipping rates which are competitive and offered with professional service.


Our Hook Bins are available for hire to demolition and constructions companies, small traders and private individuals, and Waste Contractors requiring larger bins than those held on their own inventory.

We offer a highly competitive rate and will beat any hook bin quoted* by 10%. We are committed to providing our quality service at the best price possible.

Contact us today to discuss your Hook Bin needs.


Timber, Aggregate, Rubble, Asphalt, Bricks, Electronical Wire, Cardboard, Plasterboard, Paper, Dirt, Plastics, Concrete, Metals

Tyres, Putrescibles, Asbestos, Paint, Fuels

BIN HIRE Covering Yatala to ​Northern Rivers


  • 1

    10m3 (4.9m L x 2.25m W x 1.5m H)
  • 2

    15m3 (6.2m L x 2.45m W x 1.6m H)
  • 3

    20m3 (6.2m L x 2.45m W x 2.0m H)
  • 4

    30m3 (6.2m L x 2.45m W x 2.5m H)
  • 5

    40m3 (6.9m L x 2.9m  W x 2.45m H)


Waste Management Group are proud of the professional and courteous service provided to our clients.  ​Call us today to find out the most cost effective way to dispose of your waste.


General Enquiries (07) 5597 7240
6:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday
6:30am-12:00pm Saturday




Centrally located in the Molendinar/ Ashmore Industrial Estate
22-24 Jade Drive, Molendinar QLD 4214