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Muswellbrook New South Wales

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8440 New England Highway
Muswellbrook New South Wales 2333

    Servicing Locations    

  • Aberdeen
  • Branxton
  • Broke
  • Bulga
  • Cessnock
  • Hebden
  • Lochinvar
  • Maitland
  • Muswellbrook
  • Newcastle
  • Orange
  • Scone
  • Singleton
  • Warkworth

About us

The Civil division of the business has been based in the Hunter Valley since 1987. We are a family owned Australian business that employs 70 people throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Wild Quarries was established in 1995 with its first quarry approval in Muswellbrook NSW, and most recent hard rock quarry commencing production in February 2013 in the Hunter Valley. We have several quarries within the Eastern Sector and provide a diverse range of raw and processed quarry materials that meet NATA Specifications.


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Our Strengths

We have several quarries within the Eastern Sector and provide a diverse range of raw and processed quarry materials that meet NATA Specifications. Wild Quarries & Civil blends its road base materials to meet our client’s specifications. We also offer a wide range of aggregates from 100mm to 5mm.

Our Network - Who We Recommend

Our regular client base includes; Australian Rail Track Corporation, Roads & Maritime Services, local Councils such as Muswellbrook, Singleton, Upper Hunter Shire Council and Orange Council NSW. We also work closely with many large civil and mining companies and developers to meet their specific project needs.

Why Choose Us

In addition to our extensive fleet of (mine specification) plant and equipment we also operate a team of highly specialised mobile crushing and screening units available for on-site material production.

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil engineering consultants Civil Project companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting companies Councils Local councils Local government councils Mining Rail contractors Residential Residential Builders RMS certification companies RMS concreters RMS contractors

More on Us


                       Wild Quarries can confidently supply all of your construction requirements.









Our business is able to manufacture materials to satisfy all road material specifications. 

Unbound road bases are produced by blending aggregates and dusts through our pug mills to meet the requirements of the specifications where non-spec materials are produced at a much more competitive price.



We have included a list of our standard products with description and uses:

Product Name Description – Specification Typical Uses
Roadbase Materials  RMS3015 Editions 5 & 6 Base materials for all road building requirements including RMS and Council
Subbase Materials  RMS3015 Editions 5 & 6 Sub base materials for all road building requirements including RMS and Council
ARRB 20 Base Spec ARRB SR41 & APRG Rpt 21 20mm nom top size, low PI base material Base material for subdivisional & industrial applications – surface to be sealed
ARRB 20 Sub-base Spec ARRB SR41 & APRG Rpt 21 20mm nom top size, sub-base material Sub-base material for subdivisional & industrial applications
ARRB 30 Sub-base Spec ARRB SR41 & APRG Rpt 21 30mm nom top size, sub-base material Sub-base material for subdivisional & industrial applications
20 FCR Non spec 20mm nom top size base material Suitable for temporary roadways, access tracks & hard stand areas
20, 30 or 40 Sub-base Non spec sub-base materials Suitable for sub-base and sub-grade applications mainly for lightly trafficked areas & embankment building
Overburden Non spec friable soil aggregate mix that overlies our fresh rock deposit, no topsize control Suitable for plastic road base situations for unsealed roads as well as lightly trafficked sealed roads, also for selected sub grade material.
Screened Overburden Non spec nom 75mm top size – friable soil aggregate mix that overlies our fresh rock deposit Suitable for plastic road base situations for unsealed roads as well as lightly trafficked sealed roads, also for selected sub grade material.
Select Material Non spec material removed beneath overburden but above fresh rock, contains much more hard rock fragments than the straight overburden. Suitable as fill and selected sub

Production control of unbound pavement materials is attained by internal testing of input products and resulting blended outputs. Confirmation that internal controls are working is achieved by regular conformance testing of stockpile products by independent NATA laboratories.

Modified & Bound Pavement Materials

When modifying strengths or physical characteristics of the road base, to address variable site conditions, such as rigid pavements, pozzolanic materials can be incorporated. Adding pozzolans with our pug mills, is commonly called stabilisation, we divide this into 3 classes depending upon the resultant UCS achieved;

  • Modified materials are specified as having UCS < MPa
  • Lightly bound pavement materials need UCS between 1 and 4 MPa
  • Heavily bound pavements have their UCS > 4 MPa


  • Rail ballast
  • Ashphalt and sealing aggregates
  • Concrete
  • Drainage Materials
  • RipRap
  • Stemming Material




For use in the construction industry, Wild produces many aggregate sizes. Typical production from our plant includes;

Name Size Range Common Uses
Cobble 150 150 – 70 Retaining walls, protection
Cobble 100 100 – 50 Grogus, retaining walls, scour protection
Surge 2 65 – 25 Drainage material, ballast
30mm Aggregate 37 – 20 Concrete, drainage material, aggregate
20mm Aggregate 25 – 10 Concrete, drainage material, aggregate
14mm Aggregate 14 – 10 Concrete, drainage material, filters, aggregate
10mm Aggregate 10 -7.5 Concrete, drainage material, filters, aggregate
7mm Aggregate 7.5 – 2.36 Concrete, drainage material, filters, aggregate
5mm Aggregate 5 – 2.36 Patching
Stemming 25 – 10 Stemming of blast holes



Crusher Dusts

Some Wild Quarry dusts for many purposes include;

  • Fines for blending into road base production
  • Bedding layer for paving applications
  • Bedding and haunch material for pipe laying
  • Select fill for under concrete slabs
  • Natural fertiliser to replace mineral leaching from soils
  • Flux for use in ceramic tile production

Most of the dust is used in the production of pavement materials as it constitutes approximately 35 to 45% of road base.

Large Rock Products

At Wild Quarries & Civil, we use large scale rock products for, but not limited to the following purposes;

  • Breakwalls
  • Retaining Walls
  • RipRap
  • Rock groynes
  • Spalls
  • Storm water protection

Product Images

Blue Metal Road Base Metal Dust Basalt
Blue Metal Road Base Metal Dust Basalt
Ashes crushed-sandstone recycled-roadbase Recycled-Concrete-Agg-10
Ashes Crushed Sandstone Recycled Roadbase Recycled Concrete Agg 10mm
Recycled-Concrete-Agg-20mm Recycled-Asphalt Recycled-Concrete-Dust Recycled-Concrete-Agg-40-70
Recycled Concrete Agg 20mm Recycled Asphalt Recycled Concrete Dust Recycled Concrete Agg 40/70
Recycled Concrete Agg 20/40      





Wild Quarries and civil have a 15 year supply of fine river gravel from the Hunter River near Denman and Muswellbrook and is ready to supply you and your project, mining application, concret plant, civil construction and residential subdivision today!




Our Services

We offer civil construction services to public and private sectors organising and undertaking a diverse range of infrastructure and development projects.

.All our staff are highly trained and inducted including special training for working in the rail corridor.  All staff are also trained and certified to meet Workplace Health & Safety requirements.

Our quarry division is highly experienced in offering materials handling solutions including, mobile crushing services and product improved quarry materials for road building and various other applications.

Our expertise and experience together with our diverse resource base offer a complete project service which enables us to see a complex project through to successful fruition.

Mines Rehabilitation & Development

Our extensive experience in the mining sector includes construction of haul roads, access roads and shed pads, installation of underground services and bulk earthworks, and ongoing rehabilitation projects. We are familiar with all mines OH&S legislation and work hard to keep our commitment to a safe work environment for all our staff and the community.

Special Project Development

Our capabilities include bulk earthworks and roadwork construction, remediation of contaminated soils, construction of complex water management systems and roads.


Our experience as contractors to government bodies includes construction of arterial roads, materials handling and bulk earthworks as well as major project development for the Defence Force and other government bodies.

Road Building

Our capability in roads extends to the design and construction of major haul roads, arterial roads and maintenance projects for local shire councils and the RMS. NATA approved geotechnical testing is provided as part of our road building, compliance and quality control regime.

Crushing & Screening

Wild Crushing & Screening offers a full range of mobile materials handling and earthmoving equipment nationwide. For wet and dry hire, contract hire and project management we provide experienced engineers and operators who aim at achieving maximum volume production rates that meet specification requirements.


Locations and Contact Details



Head Office NSW

8440 New England Highway
Muswellbrook NSW 2333

Email: admin@wildgroup.com.au
Phone: 02 65 411 828
24hr Contact: 0417 860 870
Fax: 02 65 414 396


Hebden/Singleton NSW

1246 Hebden Road
Hebden NSW 2330

Email: admin@wildgroup.com.au
Phone: 02 65 411 828
24hr Contact: 0417 860 870
Fax: 02 65 414 396


Orange NSW

310 Icely Road
Orange NSW 2800

Email: admin@wildgroup.com.au
Phone: 02 63 601 300

24hr Contact: 0427 870 880
Fax: 02 63 682 995

Plant & Equipment

Notes: All hire is subject to availability at the time of request. All equipment is compliant with MDG15 specifications.


    Wet Hire/Per Hour Enter Project Here
Mobilisation/Demobilisation     Local
Mobilisation/Demobilisation     Long Term Hire
Mobilisation/Demobilisation     Outside Muswellbrook
4.5T Excavator 3 Available    
12T Excavator 3 Available    
20T Excavator 9 Available    
30T Excavator 3 Available    
35T Excavator 5 Available    
40t Excavator 5 Available    
45t Excavator 5 Available    
Longreach Excavators      
Longreach Excavators 60 Foot Reach – .65m3 Bucket    
Longreach Excavators 50 Foot Reach – .8m3 Bucket    
Float Trucks      
Float Truck 30tonne    
Float Truck 100tonne    
Tilt Tray 1 Available    
Pilot Vehicle 2 Available    
6 Wheel Tipper 10 Available    
8 Wheel Tipper 9 Available    
Truck & Dog 33T 6 Available    
Fuel Cart Fuel Cart 8000ltrs    
Tipper Hino 6 tonne    
Semi Tippers 3 Available    
Water Carts      
Water Carts 13 000ltrs 10 Available    
Dump Trucks      
Artic Dump Truck 30tonne 4 Available    
Trailer (Flat Top) 1 Available    
RC50 Loader 1 Available    
WA480 Loader 3 Available    
PZ250 Loader 2 Available    
Backhoe 2 Available    
Grader 12H (Final Trim) 4 Available    
Roller (Pad Foot) 12T 4 Available    
Roller (Smooth Drum) 12T 3 Available    
Dozer D85 2 Available    
Dozer D355 2 Available    
Dozer 375 2 Available    
Dozer D6 2 Available    
Crushers (Mobile)      
Impact Crushers 5 Available    
Jaw Crushers 9 Available    
Cone Crushers 7 Available    
Stacker Short 3m SCS Stacker 1580    
Radial Stacker 20m Manual Stacker    
Screen 3 Deck Striker 3 deck 20x5 Superdeck    
Screen 2 Deck SCS Screener sc185    
Screener Robotrack Exetec Robotrack 570    
Screener Robotrack Exetec Robotrack 571    
Pugmill Mobile    
Cement Batching Plant Muswellbrook Site    
Tractor/Slasher 2 Available    
Tractor (Cab) 1 Available    
Fork Lifts      
Fork Lift 1 Available    
Crane 1 Available    
Boilermaker & Equipment 5 Available    
Small Tools & Equipment      
Lighting Plant 50 Available    
Whiper Sniper 5 Available    
Mobile Weed Control 2 Available    
Laser Levels 3 Available




Community & Environment

Our Policy

We are committed to supplying to local markets and contributing to meeting our community’s needs.

Wild Quarries & Civil are based in the Hunter Valley. We have several operating quarries throughout New South Wales. We conduct our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner by:

  • Minimising any environmental or social impact from our current or future activities through the use of integrated environmental management procedures and consideration of sustainable development in land use planning.
  • Ongoing consultation with our community and key stakeholders.
  • Enhancing biodiversity and ensuring the viability of regional ecological corridors for future generations.
  • Maintaining compliance with environmental legislation relevant to our operations and meeting the requirements of any specific national, state or regional regulations.
  • The assessment and consideration of ecological values and land-use aspects in investment and operational activities.
  • Regularly reviewing our environmental management plans and monitoring programs to assist in our continuous improvement in environmental performance.
  • Reviewing and implementing any new technologies, where appropriate, that will assist in waste minimisation, water efficiency, pollution prevention and greenhouse gas and energy reduction.
  • Encouraging meaningful initiatives from those involved in our efforts to achieve environmental excellence.
  • Researching and implementing the most suitable rehabilitation practices to ensure that the land is returned to a condition that is equal to or better than before work commenced.

We acknowledge that consideration of our community and the environment is critical to our business and we will continue to develop and deliver environmental awareness training to our employees and contractors.