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Unit 3, 62 Sandringham Ave
Thornton New South Wales 2322

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  • Cameron Park
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  • Maitland
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About us

Valley Civilab delivers expert and accurate engineering solutions spanning the geotechnical and environmental consultancy sectors. Our experienced team of geotechnicians undertake materials testing and associated technical services in our NATA-accredited laboratory. This includes concrete testing, aggregate testing and soil classification and testing. Valley Civilab also operate a modern fleet of geotechnical drill rigs capable of performing investigations to suit most site investigations for geotechnical & environmental applications. We work with a range of industries spanning building, mining and infrastructure throughout Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Maitland and the Upper Hunter, Central Coast, North Coast, Central Tablelands, Central NSW, New England and Northern Rivers as well as the Northern and Western Regions of Sydney.


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Our Strengths

Our professionalism and range of services. Our team of experts conduct soil classification and testing in our NATA-approved laboratory on a broad range of areas including site investigation and drilling, materials quality testing, insitu compliance testing and engineering reporting.

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Why Choose Us

At Valley Civilab we have experience across a broad range of market sectors, including the mining, rail, road, commercial, residential and industrial sectors. We can provide you with both the expertise and professionalism you require to complete your concrete and soil testing cost effectively and efficiently, whilst at the same time adhering to all your compliance needs

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil engineering consultants Civil Project companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting companies Environmental consultants Environmental engineers Mining Project management companies Rail contractors Residential Residential Builders RMS certification companies RMS concreters RMS contractors Subdivision

More on Us



Concrete Testing

Valley Civilab specialise in concrete testing, undertaking the service on a daily basis. We maintain positive relationships with several local and major concrete suppliers in providing quality and efficient service. We also offer unique concrete testing services including NATA Accredited Mix of Uniformity and Permeability / Absorption Testing for Precast Concrete Pipes.



Geotechnical Engineering and Testing Services

Valley Civilab specialise in a range of quality geotechnical engineering and testing services that are aimed at meeting our clients’ needs in terms of accuracy and timeframes. We deliver expert engineering solutions spanning the geotechnical and environmental consultancy sectors.
Please call us now for an obligation free quote.



Earthworks and Pavement Construction Testing

We conduct efficient earthworks & pavement construction testings including quality assurance, slope stability, construction planning, subsurface drainage, unbound pavements, stabilised pavements, sprayed bituminous surfacings, asphalt pavements/surfacings and concrete pavements.



Mining and Valley Civilab

The mining sector is facing more complex challenges than ever before, with globalisation, technological advancement, increased regulation and a fluctuating market requiring adaptability Australia-wide.
Valley Civilab will facilitate your company through this time with expert, cost-effective and responsible management of mineral resources. Our services span the environmental, geological and engineering disciplines.
As your strategic partner, we provide consultancy, testing, trade services and technology to streamline your efficiency, reduce risk and maximise on your returns.
Notable Civilab projects include:
• Ravensworth North Mine - Concrete Testing / Density Testing / Dynamic Cone Penetrometers
• Various Mines including Mangoola Mine, Bulga Mine, Muswellbrook Mine and Mt Arthur Mine – Quality control on earthworks, project management, concrete and products testing



Soil Classification

Our team of experts conduct soil classification and testing in our NATA-approved laboratory on areas including site investigation and drilling, materials quality testing, insitu compliance testing and engineering reporting.



Commercial Development and Valley Civilab

When it comes to your commercial venture, there can be a sea of red tape to wade through including environmental compliance and engineering regulation. Failure to comply with standards can compromise your entire venture, costing you time and money.
At Valley Civilab, we bring almost ten years experience to conducting comprehensive assessments and ensuring compliance for your commercial venture. Our team of experts provide professional advice and hands-on service to give you peace of mind for your project, paving the way for your strategic approach and maximum returns.
Our commercial services span material testing, site classification, site investigation, soil testing, technical and compaction testing.



Grout, Mortar and Void Filling Projects

At Valley Civilab, our team of experienced technicians have conducted several major grout and mortar projects such as mine void backfilling. We have also specialised in conducting laboratory-based trials for major projects both domestically and internationally.



Comprehensive aggregate and quarry testing

With a strong presence throughout the Northern NSW region, Valley Civilab offers comprehensive aggregate and quarried product testing to the market. Our skilled team of technicians are also able to assist with project supply management, grading mix design and laboratory trials.



The Environment and Valley Civilab

Valley Civilab understand the importance of environmental compliance and sustainability of your project. We focus on the delivery of a streamlined, fast and reliable service to ease the process and breakdown the hurdles for our clients.