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About us

Tough Floors is a Redlands based business that service all of South East Queensland including greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Pine Rivers. We also cross the border into Northern NSW to work on various projects. Our specialist products include epoxy and polyurea/polyaspartic and polyurethane flooring that can be applied commonly to garage floors, patios, outdoor areas and in showrooms, retail outlets and a limitless range of commercial and industrial areas.


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Our Strengths

Whatever system of epoxy flooring application you choose to apply to your floor, we test all resin and epoxy flooring products extensively in house to ensure they withstand your intended purpose and give you many years of durable lasting wear…

Our Network - Who We Recommend

QBCC, Polished Concrete Design

Why Choose Us

Our products carry a manufacturers backing that has been tested and satisfied to our standards. The finished product is easier to clean than bare concrete, protects and extends the life of the concrete and can add value for resale.

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil engineering consultants Civil Project companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting companies Public Residential Residential Builders Warehouse contracting companies Warehouse installation companies Warehouse retailer and sales

More on Us

"More beautiful floors from Tough Floors"




Tough Floors - 

QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission Licensed)

License No. 15010428




Tough Floors -
Offering you more benefits


  • Anti Tyre Peel
  • Indoors/Outdoors
  • Garage floor coatings
  • Residential, Retail, Commercial and Industrial applications
  • UV stable (will not discolour)
  • Protects and Extends the life of your concrete
  • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
  • Easy to Clean
  • Ability to add value to your property




Tough Floors provide innovative residential, commercial and industrial concrete floor coating solutions. We only use the highest quality tested and trusted resins and epoxy finishes. Please contact us for an obligation free quote. We are here to help!



Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings



To start with, every garage is different and as such, treated differently. Believe it or not, the concrete can vary from super hard to super soft. Huh? Super soft? So if I fall on it, I’ll be okay? Um, not quite but let’s not try.

In order to provide you with a quality garage floor epoxy finish, we must first follow a process of preparing the concrete by diamond grinding and then priming if necessary.

When we diamond grind as part of our quality assurance process, the quality and hardness of your concrete is going to help us determine the right diamonds needed to prepare the slab.

If the concrete is too porous, we will prime first. Older slabs are generally the better ones to work with which is why we ask set questions to determine potential product needed.

Surface preparation is crucial to a quality job and although you are unlikely to see the preparation, your floor finish over the following years will be testament enough to the high quality of our preparation. It’s not the sexy part but all steps in our process are crucial to get right and must pass our standards before moving on.


Lets take a look at some of the results after Tough Floors have worked their magic!


    Before                                                  After                                                                     
























A standard double garage is 36sqm and if all conditions are sound (this includes weather, temperature, concrete moisture and preparation), we will complete in two days. All items will need to be kept off for a further two days except cars. They need to remain out of the garage for a week after completion. Although the surface is dry, curing happens under the surface and an uncured coating could upset the tyres on your car, potentially creating a safety issue.




With a high gloss finish, it is a visual belief that your new floor could be quite slippery. After the initial process of broadcasting the flake and allowing to dry, we scrape, vacuum then use a commercial sander to completely flatten the flake to seal in with the top coats. It’s a smooth finish but not slippery. If this is of concern, we can add a non slip garage floor paint product to the top coats.








There are many epoxy finishes possible for a garage. We have sealed in vinyl records and various treasures requested by clients, all of which require testing first to ensure our product is compatible with the item. If you have any items you would like to preserve underfoot or ideas you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do a test board first to ensure the garage floor finish you have in mind is compatible with the products we use to ensure you are happy with your new garage floor.










Other additional finishes could include glow in the dark flake, glitter and borders, either for a more decorative finish, to help with the parking of vehicles or anything else you choose that we could test first.










There are a huge variety of garage floor paint colours, blends and finishes to suit your existing or new garage floor. From epoxy flake to liquid marble, marbletone blend and quartz stone effects, we will work with you to achieve a high quality finish and the right result you are after.






ASC Concrete Floors Colour Chart                       ASC Concrete Floors Colour Chart




ASC Concrete Floors Colour Chart                       ASC Epoxy Flooring Colour Chart








           Classic XL Range                              Marbletone Blends





           New Generation                                        Standard Blend





       Liquid Marble                                             Tough Floors Select Blend



  Stone Grip Blend



What look or purpose are you wanting to achieve?

Much of the work we do is to ascertain what ‘look’ and ‘feel’ our clients are seeking. We’ll determine colour schemes, what level of slip resistance is required based on variables like the age of children, any pets, regular visitors and other areas that could include factoring in swimming pools, stairs, play areas, ramps and areas prone to hazards, slips and falls.

For larger areas and specific decorative projects, we will work to achieve the look you’re after with sample boards. For visual people, it will indicate how the finished floor can look. 




Depending on the style of flooring finish, we follow a process for application and preparation. Below is what you could expect as part of our stringent method:


  1. Diamond grind and hand grind all areas. This serves a number of purposes including removing the impurities sitting on the top layer of concrete (that can affect the coating itself) and opening up the pores of the concrete to ensure the chosen product has something to ‘grip’ to

  2. Patch holes and cracks with various appropriate products, some of which actually set harder than the concrete itself

  3. If the concrete surface is poor and has issues mechanical grinding won’t fix, we will trowel a ‘subfloor’ in to build up the level of the low lying areas

  4. Thoroughly clean all areas to eliminate mostly dust particles and other matter that can affect the adhesion of the coating

  5. Apply first coat with your choice of colour and product of choice that may include sand or aggregate for slip resistance, flake, quartz and in some cases, personal items that you wish to embed into the floor including vinyl records, dollar notes etc

  6. After drying, depending on the products added, there is preparation required to ensure the product ‘behaves’ and does not give the floor finish grief. Typically a scrape and vacuum can achieve the best result

  7. Apply top clear coat and then repeat as required

This is a typical process for applying flake to a garage floor. Achieving an epoxy floor over tiles will have some of the above processes along with others as will a floor that requires a grind and clear seal instead of colouring.




In general, most floors under 50sqm could be completed in a day. Drying times are out of our control and with varying seasons and temperatures, floors can cure faster and slower. Where appropriate, we will use faster curing products where there is a need. An example of this is a floor repair in a commercial kitchen where we have access only overnight and must prepare, clean and coat a floor where the kitchen needs to return to service by dawn.

Otherwise, our goal is effectiveness over efficiency. We keep you informed of progress as we go.




A common feedback comment we hear is that the coated concrete is much easier to clean than the previous bare concrete. There is less dust, can be mopped if desired or blown through with a garden blower or swept with ease. 

Tough Floors has teamed with an external unrelated chemical company that, as work is completed, will work with you to guide on the products they see appropriate for you to use on the floor. This company has tested our floor finishing products at their laboratory in Sydney and will consult with you with no obligation. 




With much supportive guidance and related television shows depicting the ‘ease’ in DIY home projects, we have acted and continue to guide those who wish to complete their own flooring projects. 


Be mindful of what is involved. Tough Floors can help with areas and we have overseen the process to ensure a client gets a reasonable result. 
So…below is what you will need to consider: 

  1. Preparation. All concrete needs to be prepared. Mostly, this will involve a grinder. So far, no problem. They can be hired. Here’s where it can get tricky. The selection of appropriate diamond cutter will be determined by your concrete ‘hardness’ and other concrete characteristics. It could be several trips back to the hire company and a bit more expense. You’ll also need to know what ‘ideal’ preparation looks like. Sometimes, the cost of hire is enough to deter people from attempting themselves and will help you understand our charges

  2. Choice of product. There are so many products in the market. From a complete ‘garage kit’ that has resin, flake and instructions sold by your local hardware to suppliers that refuse to sell to the public on the basis of the product drying faster than you saying ‘hell honey…did you see that…?’ research is key. Tough Floors is not tied to any suppliers and as such, will be impartial with any guidance given

  3. Application method. You will need rollers, trays, products for cleaning up, gloves, dust masks, respirators, brushes, buckets and other items. Are you still seeing the value in DIY…?!!