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peoria Arizona
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8960 W. Larkspur dr. Suite # 105
peoria Arizona 85381
United States

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About us

Eco Building Systems Corp (EBS) is the manufacturing company of The Perfect Block™ (I.C.C.F. blocks) and Mobile I.C.C.F. manufacturing turn key plants for purchase. What is I.C.C.F blocks? I.C.C.F stands for "Insulated Composite Concrete Forms" It's a building block or form made from 100% recycled expanded polystyrene (EPS), EPS intercepted before it reaches the landfill. The EPS is what gives the ICCF block its outstanding insulating properties. The recycled EPS is ground into an aggregate and mixed with Portland cement, our propriety formula admixtures and water. The mix is molded into a hollow core form that you fill with concrete and steel (rebar) after the walls are up to create a structure that is 700% stronger than traditional wood frame and metal frame construction, fireproof (4-hour fire rating, ASTM tested at 2000*F), hurricane and tornado safe (ASTM tested at a design wind speed of 250mph), can be engineered up to a seismic 8.0 earthquake, mold and pest proof and when completed can exceed an R-45. The cured structure provides a permanent framework for a monolithic “screen-grid” of reinforced concrete at 12” on center, vertically and horizontally, to form highly insulated stem walls, load-bearing walls, shear walls, non-load bearing walls, sound attenuation walls, lintels, perimeter walls, retaining walls, and many other components of a building. Added features of The Perfect Block™ is its cost, which is highly competitive with all wall building materials and costing less than 2x6 wood framing and its sound attenuation capability provides a quiet living environment. All this in a “green building” block that is fireproof and saves energy. For Green Builders & Developers: - LIGHTWEIGHT - Block as light as 30 Lbs. - LOW WASTE - As little as 2% waste reduces costs to the builder, and waste tonnage to the landfill, and potential damage to the environment - PRECISE DIMENSIONS - Clean & Even edges, ICCF block, that has perfect dimensions, is easier to build with and eliminates compounded errors by slight variations in block. The Perfect Block™ Benefits for Builders: Engineered to be highly consistent with standard residential construction dimensions @ 4’ lengths. Forms are monolithic and precision molded and require minimal shimming for plumb and level walls. Forms are stout and rigid and create strong straight walls requiring minimal pre-grout bracing. Forms are large enough to build walls rapidly but small enough for single person handling. Forms are easily cut with common carpentry tools, forms are easily cut for special angles and shapes. Forms’ 12″ on center cores allow for any 12″ or greater cut block to be used in general construction minimizing leftover building waste. The Perfect Block™ offers 4 types of building forms, ranging from a 6” thick block for small projects or interior walls to 10” 6” x 6” core forms for special interest applications in government, security, transportation, and disaster rebuilding. For all of us at Eco Building Systems, it’s not only about creating a disaster resistant building material that can help save lives or helping to reduce our clients’ energy bills by 50% or more, but also about a committed belief in doing what we can to make this world a better place to live with fresher air and a lasting ecosystem. As the price of commodities continues to increase, it is a financial benefit to make our homes and buildings more energy efficient. Additionally, with the understanding that nearly two-thirds of our earth’s original forest cover is gone, it is evident that wood is not the sustainable choice for the future of our planet. We challenge all manufacturers in the U.S. and around the world to compare the short-term benefits of their current manufacturing materials and processes with the long-term environmental impact. We hope that other manufacturers will adopt a more sensible use of manufacturing materials and processes. Every day at EBS, we make every effort to develop new environmentally-friendly and alternative solutions.


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All of the above. Plus we have third parting testing. Customer service.

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Salt River Material Group supplies our cement. Superior Grout Pump Services. Arizona Materials for grout.

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Honesty, Integrity, Supply, Customer service, Expertise and experience in the ICCF industry.

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