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United States

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About us

We are an employee-owned company that manufactures an innovative line of products providing solutions to enhance the value of architectural concrete. Solomon Colors’ decades of experience, dedication to quality, and desire to keep innovation at the forefront of everything we do has placed us at the top of our industry. We look forward to providing more of the same excellent service and quality you have come to expect as a Solomon Colors customer.


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Our Strengths

When you work with Solomon Colors, you have a devoted team of Account Managers and Sales Managers standing behind you. Every Solomon Colors customer has an assigned Account Manager and Sales Manager. Your Sales Manager is your locally-based partner for in-the-field help, demos, technical questions, and growth assistance. Your Account Manger is your friendly, dedicated point of contact for ordering, shipping, and support. Rest easy knowing your Solomon Colors team has your back.

Our Network - Who We Recommend

Myconcretecontractor, Brickform

Why Choose Us

When working with Solomon Colors, you can count on complete support. Solomon Technical Representatives and Equipment Techs are readily available to assist you. Our nationwide warehousing and massive distribution means that you won’t have to wait for Solomon products.

Our Client Base

Concrete colour manufacturers Concrete colour retailers and sales Concrete colour supplies Decorative Concrete Concreter

More on Us

The Product

Solomon Colors has a long history of innovative, high quality pigments,  dispensers, and decorative products. Each and every tote of color, dispensing  system, stamp, bag, or bucket is designed and produced for the most effective  and consistent performance. From the highest-solids liquid pigment on the  market to the first purpose-made colloidal silica finishing aid, Solomon Colors  has the products you need to make concrete beautiful.

The Color Lab

Our color lab provides custom blending and color matching. Color lab  technicians utilize state of the art technology to achieve accurate matches.  The lab uses advanced color matching techniques and equipment for the  closest matches possible. Every match and blend is backed up by decades  of human experience and the latest technology.

The Partnership

Working with industry associations, building specification rates, and providing  technical training, Solomon Colors is working to grow the industry. Solomon  Colors isn’t just a supplier – we are a partner to the Ready Mix Producer,  Distributor, Contractor, and Architect.

The Culture

Providing exceptional service to customers since 1927, Solomon Colors is a  family-owned and employee-owned company. The average employee has been  with Solomon Colors for a decade. This means the company is owned and  operated by people who really care, and people who are devoted to providing  the best products and service possible. At Solomon Colors, the people make  the difference.


Dry and Liquid Color Pigments for Concrete and Mortar | Solomon Colors, Inc. | Springfield, IL (image)


Dry and Liquid Color Pigments for Concrete and Mortar | Solomon Colors, Inc. | Rialto, CA (image)