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Central Coast New South Wales 2259

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About us

Reo Plus is a fresh company led by people with an abundance of experience in the reinforcing industry. We aim to offer the highest level of service to all of our customers regardless of job size or value. We are in the market to look after the small to meduim size concreters and builders. Our focus is on very high standards of customer service. Please feel free to give us a call at anytime or email plans through for quick estimates. We look forward to hearing from you.


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Our Strengths

Pod slabs are our specialty. We have a Quick 24 hour turn around on all waffle pod slab estimates. We supply strong, reliable waffle pods, together with all the accessories included to complete your slab

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We have a highly experienced estimating and scheduling team. We believe in accurate clear communication to help your project run smoothly. We supply Australian made reinforcing steel & accessories, manufactured, produced & delivered in a timely manner to ensure there are no hold ups on site

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Customer Reviews

Estimating, scheduling, and delivering on Waffle Pod and Reo every time
Michael Davidson is a class act. His years of experience at Neumann Steel, a market leader in steel reinforcing and accessories, have stood him in good stead for life in the fast lane, as principal of Reo Plus Pty Ltd. Reoplus is a cost effective, efficient and supportive supplier of Waffle Pods to commercial builders and residential builders throughout the East Coast. If its personalised service, and a good one at that, when it comes to your pods and steel, look no further. Simply email your plans to sales@reoplus.com.au and let them do the rest for you!

Tim Harrison
Concrete Broker