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205 Croydon Rd
Croydon New South Wales 2132

About us

From humble beginnings to one of Sydney's most sought after polishing firms, Perfect Polishing has been transformed from the once small family business to the prestigous, ever-growing polishing powerhouse. Almost twenty years ago, Perfect Polishing was founded by Peter and Josephine and was predominantly involved with the polishing of small private properties. Today Perfect Polishing has evolved into a multi-faceted polishing firm, partnered with an array of Australia's biggest construction firms, casinos, councils, government buildings, hotels and resorts; as well as pertaining the maintenance contract at Sydney's Star Casino. As well as these current partnerships and contracts, Perfect Polishing has done work for a variety of different large organisations within Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Townsville, Brisbane and Gold Coast.


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Our Strengths

At Perfect Polishing we continuously cater for residential, commercial and industrial clients, offering a range of services aimed at perfecting any surface. Perfect Polishing has over the past 20 years established itself as a polishing powerhouse, continually undertaking work for some of Australia's largest Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Government buildings and local councils.

Why Choose Us

​Perfect Polishing's highly-skilled and experienced team has mastered the arts of grinding, polishing, patching, re-grouting and sealing all types of surfaces to either install or restore to a perfect finish.

Our Client Base

Architects Architectural firms Builder Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil engineering consultants Civil Project companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting companies Local government consultants Local government councils Public Residential Residential Builders

More on Us

    Clients and Customers

Perfect Polishing's strength can be measured by the clients and cutomers who have chosen them to satisfy their polished concrete needs. Lets takea look at some of these clients and customers now;

The Star Casino, Sydney, Conrad Jupiters Casino, Brisbane, Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast, Westin Hotel, Sydney, Intercontinental Hotel, Sydney Park Hyatt Hotel, Sydney Radisson Hotel, Sydney Education Building, Sydney MLC Centre, Sydney,Imperial Shopping Mall, Gosford, Commonwealth Bank, Sydney , ANZ Bank, Sydney, North Sydney Council, North Sydney, Grocon, BuildCorp, ISIS, and Multiplex

It's only by viewing this list of professional organisations that one can readily guage the respect with which Perfect Polishing are held within the polished concrete industry. 








Contact Us


At Perfect Polishing we encourage any individuals or company who have any queries to take the next step and make the call. All enquiries and quotes are free and one of our experienced team members would love to come out and go through the steps we can take to clean and perfect your surface.

Phone : Tony - 0416922923

EmailQuotes and Enquiries - Tony_Habib93@hotmail.com

Finances and Invoices - Josephine@perfectpolishing.com

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Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of limestone, typically with coloured mottlings or streak. Marble can be polished to a matt or glossy finish, dependent on customer preference and finished with a coat of sealer to protect the stone into the future.

​Perfect Polishing's work with marble includes:

  • The removal of lippings upon installation, to make the surface entirely level
  • The cutting back of marble to give the marble a fresh, new look
  • The cutting and re-grouting of the joints
  • The buffing and polishing of marble to remove stains and scratches



​Concrete is a composite material composed of aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement which hardens over time. At Perfect Polishing we grind the concrete to a smooth finish, which can then be sealed for a matt or glossy look.

This service is for the customer who:
  • wants to remove their carpet, levelling, floor boards or tiles and polish the raw concrete underneath, revealing the pebbly concrete surface and giving it a prestige look.
  • wants to smoothen their raw concrete (indoors or outdoors) and give it a fresh matt or glossy look



Terrazzo consists of marble, quarts, granite, or other suitable chips, sprinkled or unsprinkled, and poured with a binder.Traditionally at Perfect Polishing we grind it back until the stone looks fresh and then apply a milk based sealer to give it an unrivalled new and glossy look.

This service is available to the customer that:
  • wants to remove the damaged and dirty joints and re-grout them, restoring it to a new, fresh look.
  • wants to cut back the terrazzo, restoring it to its original state, removing any stains and scratches and giving it a fresh look.
  • wants to install terrazzo tiles, grout the joints and remove the lippings making the surface flat and smooth with a sealed finish




Patching is a method used by our highly skilled team when a customer wants to repair their surface rather than replace it. ​The technique involves mixing heavy duty industrial glue with appropriate colour mix to get the best colour match to the stone. The mix is then applied to the chip or crack and left to dry for 30 minutes.

Once the glue is dry, a sander and polisher are used to blend the glue into the tile.

Surfaces that we can patch and blend:

  • Marble​

  • Concrete

  • Terrazzo



                Cleaning and Sealing




             Caesar Stone

Caesar stone is often used for vanity bench tops and as such absorbs a large variety of liquids and residue, changing the surface's look.

Our team, is able to grind back the surface to give it a fresh look and then polish it to either a matt or shiny finish. The application of sealer is also a must ensuring the surface stays protected into the future


Granite is becoming increasingly popular as an option for backyards, driveways and patios as it is easy to install and gives that prestigious look.

Upon installation, it is necessary to apply the appropriate sealer to give it the protection against the outdoor elements

Our highly skilled team can apply this sealer upon installation as well as stripping and resealing in order to maintain the prestigious and clean look


Sandstone was traditionally used for pavements in pubic spaces as well as an alternative for granite in backyards and driveways. Today, it is increasingly being used as part of feature walls both indoors and outdoor.

​Over time sandstone that is exposed to the outdoor elements absorbs residue which is withheld and easily visible on the sandstone.

At Perfect Polishing, we grind back the stone, restoring it to its original state and giving it an original look.



 Perfect Polishing's Repair Work -
 Before and After







Perfect Polishing's Work at The Star Casino, Sydney



Main Gaming Floor - Cleaned and Polished Marble





At Perfect Polishing we encourage any individuals or company who have any queries to take the next step and make the call. All enquiries and quotes are free and one of our experienced team members would love to come out and go through the steps we can take to clean and perfect your surface. 

Phone : Tony - 0416922923

Email : Quotes and Enquiries - Tony_Habib93@hotmail.com

Finances and Invoices - Josephine@perfectpolishing.com

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