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About us

OzGrind are concrete polishing experts and can transform any regular existing concrete slab into a masterpiece with a range of unique flooring solutions. And with a new slab of concrete the possibilities are endless, you can use different aggregates (stones) or cement colours to create a stunning look for your polished concrete floors. You can even choose from a selection of objects such as glass or some metals to add to the concrete, which can give your floor a dazzling, one-of a kind finish.


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Our Strengths

OzGrind has been the no.1 concrete polishing company, Brisbane wide since 2011. We have won several awards including the 'Word of Mouth' online service award for three years running in 2015, 2016, and 2017. We offer the complete range of polished floor finishes from polished concrete, levels of stone exposure, gloss levels, natural finish colours and dyes. We are also Husqvarna Certified meaning we’re a company you can trust to deliver the highest quality Polished Concrete in the industry.

Why Choose Us

When you choose OzGrind for your concrete polishing needs you get: • Access to a fully qualified and certified team of experts with a strong focus on quality • The world’s first virtual polished concrete software to demonstrate all finishes available • The convenience of a showroom that displays every type of concrete flooring you can imagine • Great value for money with options for all styles and budgets

Our Client Base

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We offer a broad range of services to both residential and commercial clients, with the expertise to give personalised advice to each accordingly. Our projects range in size from 1m2 to 10,000m2 and we offer a range of different finishes and styles to suit any space. Our services are offered on new builds/pours as well as existing concrete/renovations.

Our services include mechanically polished concrete, grind and seal polished concrete, honed concrete, epoxy coatings, and epoxy flake floors, garage coatings, feather finish flooring and concrete overlays. We also do concrete grinding and levelling and removal of existing flooring. Perfect for any commercial or residential project, our polished concrete adds a touch of class to any space without the hefty price tag.



Not only does residential flooring look fabulous when polished concrete is used, it is hard wearing and relatively easy to maintain and keep clean. Many residential home owners are now looking at polished concrete as a viable, affordable and attractive residential flooring option.

With this development, many architects, builders and interior designers are now turning to a polished concrete floor for the wow-factor. Polished concrete has been used in commercial and industrial applications for years, and is only just now booming in the residential setting. Home owners are now demanding a polished concrete floor and the big builders are starting to listen. Polished concrete can be tailored to suit all tastes and budgets. Everything from a minimal exposure matte finish industrial look right through to the fully polished high gloss full stone exposure decorative look – and everything in-between. You can have polished concrete for indoor and outdoor, you can choose between mechanically polished concrete and a grind and seal – you can have polished concrete in your bathroom, on your bench tops, on your walls, around your pool, in your garage and on your driveway – you can even have furniture made from polished concrete.

It doesn’t matter if you have a house that is 80 years old or you are building a new home or renovating. We can do polished concrete on the majority of floors. The advantage of a new build is that you can also select the colour of the cement and the stones that go in it – some examples are below.




When it comes to choosing commercial flooring, polished concrete flooring is fast becoming the preferred choice for more and more businesses.

Durability and Sustainability Polished concrete flooring can usually last over ten years with little maintenance.

Immediate Availability As no chemicals are used in polishing concrete, once a project is complete, the flooring is available for immediate use.

Enhanced Ambient Lighting The smooth shiny surface that polished concrete flooring provides will reflect existing lighting and increase illumination by up to 30%.

Stain-free Great in warehouse flooring, being resistant to tyre marks.

Economical Reduce cleaning time, remove the need for floor coverings, and lower your power bills associated with cleaning other surfaces.

Low Maintenance Aside from sweeping and damp mopping, polished concrete flooring require little maintenance.

Aesthetics There is no doubt that polished concrete floors provide an ambience and impressive feel to your commercial property. The smooth high gloss look that can be achieved provides visitors with a feeling of sophistication and class, making polished concrete floors the first choice of many hotels, theatres and showrooms.






Making the right choice of industrial flooring is an essential component of running your business. Ozgrind understand industrial flooring and can help you to make the right choice!

When you begin to consider flooring options for industrial floors you quickly come to the understanding that you need to make sure that whatever you select is going to be easy to clean, chemical resistant, be able to withstand high foot traffic and machinery traffic and ideally be heat, fire and impact resistant.

As Polished Concrete flooring is abrasion resistant, hard wearing and slip-resistant, it makes it the ideal floor covering for premises with high traffic, such as industrial and public premises. OzGrind are proficient in all types of industrial floors including resin-based protective coatings like epoxy floors. All our floors are easy to maintain, durable, visually appealing and can be made up to be non-slip. Additionally they can reduce noise and vibrations and improve safety.

To discuss your industrial floor requirements contact OzGrind, the polished concrete flooring specialists today!







Hargreaves St, Chelmer


Flooring Type Mechanical Finish

Finish Full Exposure, Matte Finish

Locations Hargreaves St, Chelmer

Specs 154m² / $15,000- $20,000           


Indue, Toowong Brisbane






Flooring Type Grind & Seal

Finish Minimal Exposue, Semi Gloss

Location Toowong

Specs 72m² / $5,000 - $10,000




1. What is the difference between mechanically polished concrete (MPC) and a grind and seal (G&S)?

Mechanically polished concrete is for indoors only – it is the true form of polished concrete as it is the concrete itself that is polished and buffed until it shines – there is no topical coating and therefore there is nothing to wear away over time, and it will last you many years. With floors that are mechanically polished like a hiperfloor the concrete is hardened and densified to up to 10 times its natural strength so it is much less likely to crack. The concrete is also grouted which is a process that fills in the small pin holes and cracks on the surface which leaves the top smooth and very refined – so if you run your finger across the floor it looks and feels like glass. Then the floor undergoes a series of polishes using resins which make the floor smooth, shiny and glossy – you can finish the procedure after just a few polishes so that you end up with a matte finish – or you can continue to polish up to a very high grit for the semi or high gloss finish. The MPC is a very luxurious floor and is very highly recommended by the team at OzGrind.

A Grind and Seal however can be used for indoor or outdoor – and is a cheaper alternative to the authentic polished concrete and very popular in cafes and restaurants as well as outdoor areas, garages, driveways and homes. This procedure involves grinding the concrete to prepare it for a clear coating of a sealer like a polyurethane or epoxy. The clear coating will protect your concrete and if desired we can use a special grit in the top layer in order to make floors non-slip (ideal for around pools, and any wet areas). The final product still looks similar to the mechanically polished concrete, however it is the sealer that gives the floor an artificial shine – and so like any topical coating, over time this will start to wear and eventually need to be sanded back and re-applied. Sealers will generally last 2-7 years depending on traffic and they are available in a matte, semi-gloss or a high gloss finish.


Grind & Seal                                                                 Mechanically Polished



2. How long before I can walk on polished concrete?

One of the advantages of Mechanically Polished Concrete is that once the process is complete, you can walk on the floor straight away – there is no time wasted waiting for a coating to dry. However you should avoid water being left on the floor or the floor being cleaned with water for 24-72 hours. For an epoxy coating or a grind and seal however we recommend no foot traffic for a period of 24 hours and no heavy traffic (vehicles etc) for a period of 7 days.


3. Can you have polished concrete outdoors?

Yes. For outdoors however we would not normally recommend a Mechanically Polished Concrete. The alternative for these areas are honed concrete or a grind and seal. The reason for this is to provide alternatives for a more slip and UV resistant finish. Honed concrete or a grind and seal with an epoxy or polyurethane coating are ideal for driveways, outdoor areas, concrete around your pool, garages etc.


You can find out more here



"Our experience from the very beginning with OzGrind has been such a pleasure. From our very first phone call, to Trent who came out for the quote, my calls to Leah & to the wonderful Craig who was on site daily it has been a great experience. Our new floors are perfect and we are so happy with the final product. We would recommend OzGrind in a heartbeat!" - Kylie, May 2017






"I can only offer words of immense praise for the OzGrind team who were happy to come to site to discuss & offer solutions to rectify a poorly finished job done by one of their competitors. The guys certainly knew their stuff, promptly able to sum up where the previous contractor took shortcuts and with a minimum of fuss, were able to to attain the desired finish for our external carport & driveway application. Well presented, tidy and efficient operators. Don’t go past Brendan and the team if you’re looking for a professional solution for your concrete flooring. Thank you guys." - Robert, March 2016


"Fantastic experience from start to finish. Guys that polished the floor were great in their communication throughout to whole process to make sure we were happy with everything. Can’t fault a single thing. Will definitely be recommending to everyone I know that needs their floors polished!" - Scott, December 2015