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Eastern Suburbs Sydney New South Wales 2022

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  • Bellevue Hill
  • Bondi Junction
  • Bondi
  • Darling Point
  • Double Bay
  • Dover Heights
  • Kingsford
  • Maroubra
  • Paddington
  • Rose Bay
  • Rosebery
  • Tamarama
  • Vaucluse
  • Watsons Bay

About us

On Point Piling specialises in contiguous piling, capping beam, footing, shoring, underpinning, foundation piers and concrete pumping for Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Metropolitan area. The dedicated On Point Piling team is skilled in machine or hand piling, allowing us the unique ability to accomplish a variety of complex projects across the Sydney region.


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Our Strengths

When performing our work by hand, On Point Piling has the expertise to tackle projects with limited access or jobs on unstable ground. Our hands-on approach means we are better placed to protect the integrity of your property’s foundations whilst also ensuring maximum space utilization around the property’s perimeter. We can work on the boundary of your property with no set back required. Our ability to hand pile also means we can ensure that the piers are butted together with minimal or no gap at all. This prevents any sediment leaking through the piers. Finally, when piling by hand, On Point Piling minimizes the discrepancies between piers. 

Why Choose Us

The On Point Piling team is proud of its reputation for providing outstanding, cost-effective solutions and we understand that any building or excavation assignment can be stressful. That’s why we will guide you through the process to ensure your next project is both successful and seamless.      On Point Piling is passionate about collaborating closely with builders, owner-builders, geo-tech engineers, engineers and architects to design and complete the unique needs of every property we work on. We love to be challenged; so every project will be executed with genuine enthusiasm.  We guarantee to produce the most effective, efficient outcome for your project with careful consideration of your budget.  We’d love to chat to you about your next endeavour, no matter how complex or simple, so please get in touch today! 

Our Client Base

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More on Us




With over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry, our core team of Ron Garbourg and Dougie Hemingway possess the knowledge and expertise that make On Point Piling the number one choice for new constructions or renovations. 


While Dougie executes each piling project with meticulous attention-to-detail alongside his large, highly skilled team, Ron has more than twenty years’ experience in the building industry and over ten years’ experience in foundation work. Ron and Dougie’s combined knowledge and skillset ensures On Point Piling provides the innovative solutions to design challenges that other contractors won’t tackle. 


We proudly service Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and Metropolitan area.  Properties in these locations are often characterised by sand foundations, which potentially render them unstable and unsafe to execute our services with machinery. Because we can hand pile when necessary, we eliminate any complications that may arise from vibrations caused by machine drilling. 




When we encounter clay, rock, water table ground conditions, or a combination of all three, machine piling will be necessary. The On Point Piling team is very excited to announce that it has recently purchased a TES-CAR CF3 CFA Piling Rig to cater to your machine piling needs.When conditions are conducive to machine piling though our TES-CAR CF3 CFA Piling Rig allows us to help you with this too. 


Our expertly-trained On Point Piling team always strives to deliver the best solution for your unique needs with our trademark stamp of excellence. We also offer on-location advice and as part of our due diligence, we’ll perform test holes to ascertain if conditions are suitable for the execution of a project. This approach provides valuable insight prior to commissioning a geo-tech report. 





On Point Piling are the experts in contiguous piling, underpinning, shoring, foundation piers, as well as concrete pumping, and we proudly ensure your project is delivered with creativity and professionalism. 

Contiguous piling


Contiguous piling involves positioning spaced bored piles in a sequence that form a strong retaining wall around the perimeter of a building site. Contiguous piling ensures the excavation of a site can be safely undertaken because the piles provide counter lever structural support for the surrounding ground and buildings


Our On Point Piling team has extensive experience in hand piling which allows us to take on projects that are limited by low head room, difficult access or those that require minimal disturbance. When hand piling is not suitable our machine piling team will provide a solution.


Foundation Piers


Piering is the technique of drilling down to rock or approved bearings to stabilise or remedy building foundations and eliminate foundation settlement. Foundation piers are just like legs for a table; if you visualise the top of the table as being the house, the piers form the structural support. The size and number of foundation piers vary depending on diameter, depth and ground conditions, and they are an excellent solution for extensions, decks, porches, swimming pools and pre-fab buildings.  






When your entire property doesn’t need to be excavated, retaining walls or shoring is a great solution. Mostly used as a temporary measure to allow safe excavation, shoring is the process of supporting a building, structure, or trench with shores (props) when in danger of collapse or during alterations (for example, the construction of a basement) or repair. Afterwards the shores become obsolete. If your basement or excavation does not need to go all the way to the boundary, this process is much more cost-effective than contiguous piling.  





Underpinning is a complex, but beneficial process that creates support below the ground for an existing structure, extending the depth of footings without knocking the building down. Underpinning is performed when additional space is required under the building and you have limited head room. In addition to this, when buildings are showing structural cracks, underpinning may provide a solution to stop them from sagging further

Concrete Pumping


On Point Piling owns its own concrete pumps and we can also provide an in line pump to transfer concrete to the desired area when required.  This method is highly effective when a regular concrete truck cannot reach the areas where concrete is needed.  




Featured Projects


Contiguous Piling – Rosebery


The On Point Piling team collaborated with a client who wanted to construct a basement which extended all the way to his property boundary.  Executing this challenging feat could not be achieved using machines. Hand piling was the most efficient method to perform this project and avoid any set-backs. 


All three boundaries of the property contained older homes, which meant the vibrations of large machinery had the potential to create damage and cause cracks. Optimal ground conditions allowed the property to be piled via 2000 lineal metres of hand piles. The depth of the piers ranges from six metres up to 8.3 metres, and we’re extremely proud of our ability to achieve these outcomes by hand.     


Averaging 100 linear metres of piers per day, we demonstrated how time efficient and competitive our team is. This complex project also required a pile cap along with shotcrete, an additional service that On Point Piling provides when needed.  Whilst using our own concrete pump, the builder was also able to efficiently leverage use of the machine on site. The team at On Point Piling successfully completed this complex task, and our client was thrilled with our expertise, speed and professionalism. 


Underpinning – Annandale


For this exciting project, our client in Annandale was in a unique situation where existing walls were built on the boundary. On Point Piling was asked to underpin down to rock at depths of 1.5 to 2.0 metres. Our client was delighted with On Point Piling’s ability and the overall execution of this complex project. Our expertise allowed the client to keep the original footprint of the house and gained a basement level. 




Our dedicated team at On Point Piling would love to talk to you about your project and we look forward to hearing from you.