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South Melbourne Victoria

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PO Box 5106
South Melbourne Victoria 3205

About us

Must Have Maintenance are professional gardeners providing garden services like Lawn Mowing, lawn care and Maintenance, Fertilising, Edge trimming across Melbourne.


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Landscape gardener

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In our busy lives, often we forget to upkeep our garden and help bring our home to life. Also, we found it a daunting task. Well, if that is the case with you, then Must Have Maintenance will serve you with your garden maintenance, removing your all-time headache. Our Gardeners will trim your lawn and keep it in good condition.

Our team of trustworthy professionals offers friendly and qualitative mowing serviceand other garden services. With our assistance, your lawn will soon become a talking point of your street. It is due to our dedication to quality. And that’s the reason we’ve become a top-rated gardening company in Melbourne.

We provide exceptional services like:

· Lawn mowing

· Edge trimming

· Fertilising

· Lawn care and maintenance

· Garden clean-up

· Other additional services

Why hire us?

In general, every homeowner seeks to have their lawn in lush, healthy, and perfect condition. For this, you’ll require ongoing care, professional techniques, and proper feeding. We do all these things to make our customers’ gardens look aesthetically pleasing. Other reasons are:

· Top-rated gardening company

· Reliable and experienced professionals

· High-quality work

· Fully insured

We serve suburbs: Ashburton, Balwyn, Camberwell, Canterbury, Caulfield, Glen Iris, Hawthorn, Hawthorn East, Kew, Kew East, Malvern, Malvern East, Mount Waverley, Surrey Hills, Toorak.

So, if you want affordable and proper garden services, then give us a call today. We’ll attend to your property, make a strategy, implement it, and render you a beautiful garden.