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Australia Wide New South Wales

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We supply Minimix concrete at great prices near you


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Our Strengths

Professional service, competitive prices, experienced staff and a large number of concrete suppliers and concrete plants to choose from

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Why Choose Us

We are in a position to find a Minimix truck in a location near you at a time suitable for your concrete pour. We can provide advice on how much concrete you require, what type and mix of concrete you need and whether there are any site specific factors which may effect your concrete pour

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We required a small truck to deliver a small load of concrete for some plinths under the bar at our Hotel

Great Service Everything worked perfectly 

Greg -  1 cubic metre Southend Maroubra Friday March 6


Welcome to Mini Mix Concrete delivering between .4 to 2 cubic metres or even up to 3.3 Australia Wide


Minimix concrete customers benefit from :

  • Quick and friendly service 
  • A single point of contact 
  • Handy small trucks 
  • Quality assured concrete
  • Conventional and specialist concrete mixes 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy, flexible payment options 


Why Choose Minimix Concrete ?



Minimix trucks are ideal for fitting in small driveways, lineways or those hard to drive into areas. Being approximately 2.5 metres wide they are smaller in width than the large 8 and 10 wheel con crete trucks found in cities around Australia. Being smaller in size they can fit within small boundaries, under overhanging trees and obstacles, and into tight residential spaces. 

In addition to being able to fit into smaller spaces, minimix trucks do not weigh as much as the larger concrete trucks. Therefore they are often the first choice of builders, home owners and concreters who need to drive over footpaths, driveways and entrances where a heavy weight could crack existing structures, bog or even ruin the existing landscape. 


How much do minimix concrete trucks cost to hire, supply and deliver concrete?

Minimix concrete trucks cost $200 in addition to the cubic metre price of concrete being ordered. 

Therefore if your concrete costs $270 including gst per cubic metre, the cost to supply and deliver 1 cubic metre of minimix concrete to your house would be $470 including gst.

Alternatively if you ordered 2 cubic metres of concrete the cost to supply and deliver would be $740 including gst.


Lets calculate the amount of minimix concrete you need?

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