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Kingswood New South Wales

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Unit 2/40 Cox Avenue
Kingswood New South Wales 2747

    Servicing Locations    

  • Blue Mountains NSW
  • Colyton NSW
  • Hornsby NSW
  • Kellyville NSW
  • Kingswood NSW
  • Marsden Park NSW
  • Penrith NSW
  • Richmond NSW
  • Sutherland NSW
  • Windsor NSW

About us

We are the residential house slab professionals in Sydney. If you need a house slab and driveway formed up and poured, we are your go to concreter's. WE have two and three concreting crews operating daily throughout Sydney and the Blue Mountains


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Our Strengths

We have all the SWMS and Occupational Health and Safety paperwork to ensure your job runs safely and smoothly

Why Choose Us

We have adequate crews and are experienced in forming and pouring small, medium and large residential house slabs efficiently, on time and within budget

Our Client Base

Commercial builders Public Residential Builders Warehouse contracting companies Warehouse installation companies

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Need an experienced concreter to form and lay your house slab in Sydney? 

Look no further than MD Concrete Pty Ltd. They come armed with all the Occupational Health and Safety documentation you require on your job site. They have experienced concrete crews who have done it all before, time and time again. And they have competitive rates for what they offer, professionalism.

Sit back and relax while they dig in and lay your slab to perfection, from edge beams, wet area's and the main slab, these guys have you covered.

Phone Matt on 0499030007, or email them your engineering and architectural plans to MDConcrete for an obligation free quotation on your next house slab and driveway.