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About us

Latrobe Concrete Pumping is a locally owned business in Victoria with over 12 years experience in concrete pumping. We have the largest boom pump in the region, with pumps and booms ranging from 26-45 metres. Whether it’s residential or commercial slabs, multi-storey buildings, foundations, walls or shotcrete, Latrobe Concrete Pumping should be your first call for a rock solid job.


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Our Strengths

Latrobe Concrete Pumping own the largest boom pump in the Gippsland area. We have the experience, tools and know-how to get the job done, from large construction jobs such as multi-storey buildings to residential driveways and slabs.

Why Choose Us

Latrobe Concrete Pumping is a locally owned business, offering competitive rates, free quotes and onsite consultation for our customers’ needs. We are the experts to call for concrete pumping every time.

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil Project companies Commercial builders Commercial concreting companies Concreters Residential Builders

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Our brand new 32 metre Concord 5 section

Z-fold pump with unfolding height of 5.8m

(can pump underground car parks and commercial sheds)




Latrobe Concrete Pumping are a locally owned and operated concrete pumping business in Victoria, with over a decade of experience.  We have the largest boom pump in the Gippsland region.

Whether it’s a residential or commercial job, Latrobe Concrete Pumping should be your first call for a rock solid job. We have pumps and booms ranging from 26 to 45 metres, and have got the tools and the know-how, to get the job done.

At Latrobe Concrete Pumping we have a commitment to Occupational Health & Safety and comply with all statutory requirements and standards.  Regular accredited safety inspections are conducted on all our machinery and equipment, and we have a comprehensive suite of OH&S documentation in place to ensure all sub-contractor requirements are met. Our company has friendly and highly skilled staff. 


Our Services:

  • *  Residential and Commercial slabs





  • *  Multi-storey buildings



                     - Multi-storey stairwell using boom pump -



                - 2 storey commercial slab in Tararlgon -



                  - Multi-storey building slabs -

  • *  Foundations
  • *  Walls
  • *  Driveways 
  • *  Paths


  •            - 140 metre footpath in Churchill -
  • *  Line pumping 


         *  Shotcrete







Latrobe Concrete Pumping have experience in a wide range of large construction jobs in the Gippsland region including 2 and 4-storey buildings in Traralgon and Warragul, underground car parks, hectare size greenhouses and the major Morwell Railway repair. We also do a large volume of residential works.



                   - Underground Car Park and Ramp at Warragul -



                 - Railway Bridge footings at Morwell -



                    - Large scale Greenhouse at Warragul, during and after job -


No job is too small.  EMAIL us for a quote today!



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