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Caves Beach New South Wales

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121 Macquarie Grove
Caves Beach New South Wales 2281

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About us

Kwik Kerb Caves Beach are fully qualified operators that lay domestic and commercial concrete edging in a wide variety of shapes, colours and styles. Kwik Kerb is the ideal way to create functional and attractive borders around garden beds and along driveways. Why not give them a call today to see how Kwik Kerb can beautify your landscapes. They offer patterns and finishes that are exclusive to Kwik Kerb Quick to lay. Most domestic jobs are finished in a day. Many natural colours are available to suit your landscape features. The hand-finished appeal provides individuality and practicality to your landscaping. Then there is the strength and durability of extruded concrete, adding prestige, visual appeal and value to your property. Kwikkerb minimises water use by retaining mulch where it is needed. Kwokkerb is not just suitable for residential, but also commercial use and applications, e.g. car parks, golf courses, retirement villages.


Decorative Concrete Concreter Kerb and gutter concreter Landscape design

Our Strengths

We offer patterns and finishes that are exclusive to Kwik Kerb that are quick to lay. Most of our domestic jobs are finished in a day, and we offer, many natural colours available to suit your landscape features Our hand-finished appeal provides individuality and practicality to your landscaping, in addition to offering the strength and durability of extruded concrete

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Kwikkerb, Parchem

Why Choose Us

Our kerb adds prestige, visual appeal and value to your property. Our kerb minimises water use by retaining mulch where it is needed It is suitable not just for residential places, but also commercial use, e.g. car parks, golf courses and retirement villages

Our Client Base

Commercial builders Commercial concreting Commercial concreting companies Public Residential Residential Builders

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Kwik Kerb is the ideal product for:

  • Garden edging, retaining soil, water and mulch
  • Mower strips and swimming pool edges
  • Driveway and paving borders
  • Car park areas and wheel stops
  • Garden island edges and landscape contour design

Unlike many other edging methods, most jobs are completely finished in a single day! This means that your property is not a mess for days on end and you can enjoy your newly Kwik Kerbed landscape sooner.




Quality assurance

We have a strong commitment to providing the highest quality product, the best price and good old fashioned service. You can be assured that we are dedicated to the highest level of customer service that is consistent with the outstanding quality of our products. We take pride in our work!




Exclusive Kwik Kolor finish

Kwik Kerb edging uses an exclusive Kwik Kolor process to create a prestigious, long lasting and visually appealing finish. Kwik Kolor is superior to painted finishes. It is harder than concrete and it is sealed to give a durable, stain resistant and attractive finish to the edge.





“We would like to let you know what a fantastic job you have done at our home. You were able to do something that I had envisaged in my mind and it turned out just as we had wanted and more so. We can’t tell you enough how wonderful it looks and appreciate all of the time you put into the project. It is just gorgeous!”




As there is such a wide range of profiles, patterns and colours available, it is not possible to quote over the phone. We will make an appointment to attend your property and provide a free design and quote. We will advise you on the most suitable and cost effective solution for you




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121 Macquarie Grove Caves Beach, NSW 2281 
0431 242 964