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18 Tropical Gardens
Ballajura Western Australia 6066

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About us

Kerb 2 Kerb Concreting are reliable concrete contractors providing professional concreting in all shires and councils in Perth, WA. We specialise in kerbs and gutters, but we also handle general concreting on both residential and commercial properties, and we never turn down a job because it is too small. From council carparks to backyard patios, you can depend on our team for quality and high standards.


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Our Strengths

Kerb 2 Kerb Concreting not only specialise in kerb and guttering, but also in all other general residential or commercial concreting work. Ben, the owner regularly works with liquid limestone to create beautiful patio and driveway areas for his clients. Our team provide to custom work, and tenders to any sprecification.

Why Choose Us

Kerb 2 Kerb Concreting have over 11 years experience in the contract concreting industry. Our company works with other teams, policies and regulations to make sure each project meets required specifications. We provide reliable, quality service with high standards and offer free quotes.

Our Client Base

Commercial Councils Individuals Local councils Residential

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Do you have a project planned that requires concrete work? Be sure to contact Kerb 2 Kerb Concreting Pty Ltd for helpful advice and to request a quote. We look forward to working with you, whether you are local to Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia.

Kerb 2 Kerb is fully insured and certified for your peace of mind, and all our contractors are specially trained and qualified.


Residential work


Whether you want a small patio on your property or you need a kerb repaired, there is no one better to call than the team at Kerb 2 Kerb.

We handle all aspects of concrete contracting from driveways and footpaths to granny flats, aprons, edging and home extensions. If you have a special project that needs detailed handiwork, we want to hear about it.

Take a look at some of our past work -





As well as exposed aggregate concrete, our team also specialises in the use of liquid limestone to create beautiful patios and driveways. Give us a call to learn more about this unique material on 0431 919150.


Commercial projects


Kerb 2 Kerb have extensive experience working on carparks and main roads. Our concrete edges can direct water flow away from pedestrians and vehicles.





We use an extruded kerbing machine and modern techniques to handle any size project for both residential and commercial clients, from garden bed edging to traffic island kerbing.




Give us a call to discuss your project needs 0431 919150.


Durable kerbing


At Kerb 2 Kerb Concreting Pty Ltd, we handle kerbing projects for footpaths, car parks and all types of roads. Our company works with other teams, policies and regulations to make sure each project meets required specifications. We provide many kerbing profiles for any type of job including custom work. Whether you want a mountable kerb, semi-barrier or full barrier we want to hear from you.





Two of the most important parts of a footpath or driveway are the kerbs and gutters. They mark boundary lines and control where storm water goes. When done correctly, they can keep your property protected from unwanted water damage and other hazards. If kerbing and gutters are not installed or repaired properly, they can have the opposite effect.




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