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Paterson New South Wales

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PO Box 82
Paterson New South Wales 2421

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  • Barrington Tops
  • Clarence Town
  • Dungog
  • Gloucester
  • Maitland
  • Paterson
  • Raymond Terrace
  • Seaham
  • Stroud
  • Vacy

About us

JJJ Precast Pty Ltd has come a long way. The brainchild of these three Paterson locals stemmed from Jason Hick's early days working in a precast factory, where he learned all the tools of the trade. It wasn't long before Jamie and Jason Gilbert were manufacturing precast panels and sending them everywhere from Sydney to Toowoomba. With John Rapson providing the accounting and professional touch to their business these licensed concreter's are a force to be reckoned with in the precast world. They create concrete precast panels for horse stables, retaining walls, tunnels, bridges, even houses! So if you are in the Hunter Valley of NSW, and are thinking Precast Panels, look no further than JJJ Precast. Remember the name Triple J Precast!


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Our Strengths

When it comes to precast panels JJJ Precast does the lot. They review your plans, clean the precast beds, mark up the project as per your drawings, steel & box out the panels together with lifters and allocators in the correct place, then they pour & vibrate the panels, cure them & deliver them to your door

Our Network - Who We Recommend

DRMC Concrete Pty Ltd, Neumann Steel, Hunter Valley Pumps, Lawrence Rundle Rapson Pty Ltd, Achieve Financial Group

Why Choose Us

JJJ Precast are licensed, professional concreter's with experience in making high quality precast panels for you. We can produce precast for you, as you want it, when you want it. We take pride in our work and have lived for decades on word of mouth, and that speaks volumes for our good name..

Our Client Base

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More on Us


JJJ Precast make Precast Panels for Horse Studs, Retaining Walls, Local Councils Works, Roadways, Loading Ramps and Barriers




At JJJ Precast we construct precast panels for Bridges, and Tunnels





Why not call us...We can even make houses from precast!