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8A Edinburgh Ave
Singleton New South Wales 2330

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About us

JCconcreator custom makes concrete furniture to suit your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Bench tops, tables, sinks, pizza ovens, bars, reception desks and coffee tables are all created in A colour, shape and texture to compliment your living environment


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Our Strengths

JCconcreator are highly skilled, trained professionals with a commitment to quality. Creating beautiful bespoke polished concrete pieces for your home or business their unique designs enhance your living spaces and are the envy of your friends and customers alike. A stylish addition to your living areas both indoor and out JCconcreator afford you the opportunity to create your own reality

Why Choose Us

Whether it is a bench top, table, coffee table or countertop you are searching for, JCconcreator can custom design the perfect piece for your home. With fine lines and a smooth and polished finish, their con-creations provide you with the easy living environment you are searching for

Our Client Base

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Innovative Designs for indoor and outdoor living

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) is often lighter than traditional concrete  though just as durable. The concrete furniture can be created in unique colours, patterns and designs to enhance your home and business. JCconcreator specialises in exposed  GFRC, accentuating the spectacular colours and designs available in todays marketplace



Kitchen countertops 

JCconcreator specialises in creating polished concrete countertops for your kitchen.
Clean, long lasting and individually finished they provide both a practical and stylish look for your kitchen




Choose from our indoor product range



  • Homeware and accessories
  • Countertops
  • Bar stools
  • Desks
  • Book shelves
  • Benchtops
  • Dining tables
  • Storage
  • Seating
  • Low tables



Why not have custom design outdoor furniture for you?

Outdoor tables, chairs, vases, planters, stairs, bench seats or even fire pits are just some of the outdoor products available at JCconcreations





Glass Fibre is the material used for reinforcement in JCconcreators custom made pieces for your indoor or outdoor living areas.
JCconcreators place glass fibre within your custom made pieces to ensure the concrete is strong enough to withstand weight and pressure.
The combination of glass fibre and concrete works well and the reinforcing material will not degrade easily.


GFRC is your choice for indoor and outdoor furniture. 
Here’s why….



  • Weight – One of the best qualities of GRFC is the fact that it’s light weight, thin, and therefore extremely versatile. It can be about 75% lighter than concrete structures of similar dimensions 
  • Size - Traditional concrete structures are reinforced with steel, a material which requires cover (i.e., a 100mm space) between the steel and the structures surface. GFRC is reinforced with different materials. The application of glass fibre enables your custom made piece to be much thinner. For example, a traditional concrete countertop slab is usually 2 inches thick while your custom made GFRC countertop will only be 1 inch in thickness.
  • Cracking – Because the glass fibre is a mesh-like material, the concrete doesn’t crack easily under pressure. It won’t chip or crumble as normal concrete does when it’s cut. This makes it ideal for large area surfaces like kitchen and bathroom countertops.
  • Shape and Design – This material is truly versatile because it can be poured into a mould or shaped according to your design. That’s one of the reasons why GFRC is often used in decorative elements, such as sinks, baths or even vases. 
  • Resilience – Just because the concrete can be thin and light weight doesn’t mean that it’s weak. It can easily withstand up to 4000 psi of weight, especially if you use high quality materials to achieve the result. JCconcreations are strong and built to last
  • Durable – This material is very durable and will last for several decades after it’s installed. It has a clean finish that looks timeless and appealing so you won’t regret the decision to install it in your home or outdoor living area  
  • Colour, patterns and texture - “Create your own design”. With JCconcreator you can choose the colour, pattern and texture of your own pieces to fit in with the colour and background of your own home or outdoor setting. There are a myriad of colour and design options



  • Call JCconcreator today on 0478 134 233 to discuss the colour, pattern and textures you had in mind for your next piece.