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Waukegan Illinois
United States

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405 N Oakwood Ave.
Waukegan Illinois 60085
United States

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About us

ICP Group is leader in CASE Industry products. I specialize on the resinous flooring aspect by offering great products from RockTred ( https://rocktred.com/ ) and Arizona Polymer Flooring ( https://www.apfepoxy.com/ ). We are a manufacturer of resinous flooring products from Epoxies and polyaspartics, to cement urethane, vapor blockers, and StatRez conductive flooring.


Epoxy Coating

Our Strengths

Arizona Polymer Flooring Polymer Coating Solutions Arizona Polymer Flooring manufactures high-performance flooring products and concrete coatings systems using advanced polymer chemistry. High-quality, professional-grade products for food and beverage processing, healthcare, electronics manufacturing, aerospace, military, manufacturing and commercial use. Rock-Tred is a leading manufacturer of innovative polymer floor coating solutions that repair, maintain, protect and beautify floors. As leaders in the industry, Rock-Tred also offers high quality, wall coatings, flexible membranes, joint sealants and patching compounds.

Our Network - Who We Recommend

We are a manufacturer for suppliers and contractors in the resinous coating industry. We offer training and service to contractors and suppliers involved in food and beverage, schools, commercial, residential, and industrial coatings.

Why Choose Us

We offer a broad variety of product solutions, technical service, R&D, and a national logistics chain with multiple manufacturing and warehouse sites.

Our Client Base

Epoxy Coating