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Botany New South Wales 2019

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About us

Take your skills to the next level! The professional IBS Polished Concrete course is regarded as the best in Australia. The course includes wet and dry cutting, as well as the unique StarSeal PS Food Stain Resistant concrete densification system. The full course is three days, with densification demonstrated out on the last two days.


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Our Strengths

IBS Polished Concrete supplies the polished concrete constructions and maintenance industries with the best machinery, sealers, cleaners and professional advice available. Their polished concrete training course is performed by experienced professionals with strong industry knowledge

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Certi-Shine Polished Concrete, Tough Terrco, ECO 2, Master Builders Association, Richard James Specialty Chemicals Corp, Padco, Vexcon, MULTI CLEAN

Why Choose Us

International Building Supply offers a training course that can turn you from a novice to a professional in 3 Days only. The course covers everything from concrete grinding and crack repair with StarSeal Fusion, to densification and food stain resistance with StarSeal PS, to sealing and non-slip coatings.

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Course Outline:

Day One- Concrete cutting, grouting and floor repair.

We will demonstrate how to cut to achieve a flat, level floor and how to cut edges, as well as how to grout and repair cracks using Starseal Fusion, a unique grouting system that grouts and repairs the surface to leave no trace of the original crack.


Day Two- Concrete densification.

Learn how to harden, grout and stain-proof floors with the Starseal PS densification method plus our unique FSR (Food Stain Resistance) system, a proven method of densifying and stain-proofing concrete that is 100% green!


Day Two- Sealing concrete.

We will show the best ways to seal a concrete floor using the best surface and impregnated sealers available.


Day Three

Day three involves the completion of the densification process, plus demonstration of surface and impregnated sealing and Tough Grip R11 non-slip solutions. 


Call 02 8338 0000 or email sales@ibssales.com.au to Register Today






become a Professional Concrete Polisher

or better your existing skills with a professional system



NEXT Training date 23,24,25 August 2017


The iBS Professional Polished Concrete Course is regarded as the best in the industry.

This is a hand on course plus we provide notes to take home and an iBS certificate of attendance. 

This is not a product demo course.      Our course teaches you to do Polished Concrete properly 


Concrete Hardening & Polishing  Note: this is a Fire Safe & Green system 

You will learn how to cut floors flat, Densify (Harden) floors with STARSEAL PS as well as our unique green grouting system  Starseal FUSION 

Plus   our unique Starseal FSR (Food Stain Resistance) system.

This results in a stain proof floor without sealer mate. 


Colour densification 

Our unique concrete colour system which has NO Acid and is a “green” system 



We use our TERRCO 301 single phase machine .TERRCO have been making quality machines for Polished Concrete Professions for 86 years. Easiest  & Safest machine  to use 


Surface sealing 

We also will do surface sealing, impregnated sealing and become accredited in our

 NONE SLIP TOUGH GRIP R11& W & P4 sealer 


Every person on the course will go through all the steps many times and have a personal interview with me to make sure that they fully understand what they are doing.

We do small groups of 9 maximum so that you receive my personal assistance.


The course is run over a three days in Sydney and the cost is $1000.00 including gst 

Free lunch every day plus we go out one night for a group dinner 


Accommodation excluded and these Hotels are close 

Waterworks Hotel Botany:    02 – 96665483  (Shared Bathroom facilities) Walking  Distance

IBIS Budget Sydney Airport    02- 8339 1840

AEA Hotels Mascot   02- 9315 8388

Quest Mascot           02- 9366 3900


Please call should you have any further questions 

Gloria 02 97000701 or Ivan personally on 0403 046 038

To book now call Gloria on 02 97000701. We accept all credit cards and will supply a tax invoice for the cost of the course.


Numbers are limited to 9 attendees only so early bookings are advised

Note: Right of admission reserve. Non-refundable, able to transfer to next course date




Application for Professional Polished Concrete 3 day Training Course


                      Date: 23,24,25 August 


Venue: iBS 20 Sir Joseph Banks St Botany NSW 2019


Number of people attending:_____




Contact details: 

 Office: ________________     &    Mobile: _______________


Company Name: _________________________________

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 Cost of course =$1000.00 inclusive gst 

Payment method

Direct deposit:   iBS Bank details


BSB: 032-123

A/C #: 168-301

Credit card authorization for payment  of course 

Credit card charges =2% for Master Card, Visa and Bank Card

Card #: ____________________________        

Card expiry date: ________________

Card CCV: ______________________

Authorization: Signature of cardholder: _____________________


Note: Right of admission reserve. Non-refundable, able to transfer to next course



Email completed form to:  sales@ibssales.com.au    or Fax: 02 97000489