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    Need leads? Want to network within the Concrete Industry Find Customers
    Enter concretebroker. Network, generate leads, ratings and more!
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    Have anything at all to do with concrete? Connecting Concrete to you
    Start selling to concrete customers and networking with your concrete colleagues today.
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    concretebroker.com Your next sale is just one step away
    Its much more than just a directory!
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Start selling to concrete customers and networking with your concrete colleagues today.


concretebroker.com provides the public and concrete industry with a "one stop shop for concrete". It's all about connecting businesses with customers.

Be Found!

Online Concrete Directory

concretebroker.com throws you front and center in the middle of your target market, people who are looking for all things concrete. Concrete products, concrete services, concrete suppliers and everything to do with concrete. By positioning your brand on concretebroker.com you communicate with people who are not just receptive to your products and services, they are actually looking to buy products and services

Your Own Website

At concretebroker.com it’s like having your own website without worrying about the high tech whiz bang stuff and the hefty price tag. We make it easy, and do it for you. And even better than your own website page, at concretebroker.com, you have the opportunity to be rated and reviewed by your customers and clients. You even receive your own address where the public can see what it is that makes you special. A place your customers and clients can visit and recommend you to others.

Concrete Library

concretebroker.com has everything from "Do It Yourself" concrete videos, to features on the latest and greatest concrete tools, devices, projects and innovations. It’s a "who's who" of the concrete industry. We feature everyone, from industry heavyweights, to your local concreter and his trusty four-pawed mate Blue.

FREE Exposure

concretebroker.com even gives you FREE exposure on our home page and social media. All you have to do is mind your manners and share. Share with us, tell us about you, your business, a funny concreting story, a joke, your technical expertise, why you love your job, what you know, who you know, the latest project or gadget. When we share we’ll tag you and your business which will promote traffic right back to your website, your business and hopefully your wallet!


You too can register and participate at concretebroker.com for FREE.

Simply register and within minutes your business will be included in our growing directory of concrete and concrete related professionals.



Online Shopping

  • "I need concrete"
  • "I need to find a concreter"
  • "Where do I find concrete products and services"


Concrete Products and Services

  • "I dont have any customers this month"
  • "How do I sell my products ans services"
concreter plants and suppliers

Concrete Plants and Suppliers

Concrete Products and Services

  • "How do I find customers"
  • "Why isn't anyone googling me?"

It's all about networking. By linking with businesses you work with, you have multiple opportunities to be found. You are not just selling your products and services to the public, you are increasing your work opportunities from within the concrete industry.


Join and list your business on concretebroker, specify the products and services you provide, the areas you work in and the businesses you work with. You’re now visible to the whole of the concrete industry and infinite concrete and concrete related customers including the public and other businesses.


Customers come to concretebroker to search for what they need. If you do what they want in an area they want, they’ll be able to see your business and contact you.


There’s more ways to be found. It’s a bit like giving a mate a pat on the back, you see, from your concretebroker customised business website, your customers will be able to click through to the businesses that you have listed that you work with. This also works in reverse, so if other businesses list your business on their page, their customers will be able to click through to your page.


We’ll pat you on the back too. We want to share all of the great people and all of the great things the industry does with all of the customers and all of the industry. Share with us and we’ll share your business on our homepage and across our social media.

Get with the inner circle

Reach out to the public and network with your friends today at

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Here at concretebroker.com, we’ve rarely met a concreter who has said "I have too much work". They all say "I could do with some more". On wet days, or on days with engineering or steel delays, they could be forming up at another site, rather than sitting at home twiddling their thumbs. Multiple jobs equate to a consistent workflow and consistent income. Likewise concrete plants and concrete pumpers. On most days the pours kick off at 7am and finish by about 10:30am. Whilst second up pours do occur, they are by no means consistent and once again a regular workflow is required to pay ongoing wages and make ends meet. As such, this somewhat sporadic workflow leads to difficulties for those servicing the industry. Suppliers, service personnel, technicians and sales representatives have their timeslots "chopped or changed" on a regular basis as the sporadic nature of the concrete industry's workflow permeates down through the food chain.

Enter concretebroker.com a place where those in the concrete industry can be seen. A place where products and services are bought and sold through directories and classified adds. An online meeting place where those in the concrete industry network with each other, and with the public. A place where the public comes to source concrete, concreters, concrete tools and all the products and services associated with the supply of concrete.

The concrete industry has traditionally found sales and marketing difficult. Sales people knock on the doors of concrete plants only to be turned away with the standard line "we are in the middle of a concrete pour". Whilst concrete and steel executives pull their hair out in search of the next big project. By listing and networking with concretebroker.com, a consistent work flow and the additional income it provides your business, is only a phone call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?

Registering at concretebroker.com is FREE and you can build your own site using our easy to use questionnaires and designers. Of course if you want a hand, we are happy to help, give us a call and we can discuss your needs.

Can I link my pages to other businesses I perform business with?

Yes. You can link to other advertisers and businesses listed on concretebroker.com. You can even provide a direct link through to your website.

How can I become the number one business on concretebroker.com in my area?

Customers and clients have the ability to rate and review pages on concretebroker.com. By encouraging your clients to rate your page at concretebroker.com you can quickly soar toward the top of the list in your region.

Can I receive additional exposure?

Yes. One entry on the homepage of concretebroker.com is available when you first list, together with a guest interview approved by you. You can also contribute to the site and gain free exposure by submitting articles and blog posts for inclusion in the written in concrete blog and resources library.

Are there any other benefits?

By registering with concretebroker.com you gain entry into the concretebroker of the year awards held on August 1 each year. The finalists are chosen according to their rating on concretebroker.com on a state by state basis.

How else can concretebroker assist me in obtaining additional sales?

Concretebroker has a database of people and businesses who enquire about buying concrete daily. concretebroker.com has the ability to obtain leads for your area and send them to you through their advanced notification system.

Why is concretebroker.com more advantageous than other search engines such as the yellow pages or local search?

At concretebroker you can successfully advertise in a targeted medium where people online are actually looking for the products and services you provide.

Why do I need to list my business on concretebroker.com now?

concretebroker.com gives you an online presence for the future through Google Adwords and search engine optimisation. By signing up early you have the opportunity to be the first business to appear on the web when people Google your location for concrete.

Still not sure? Need to ask us some questions?

Email us on info@concretebroker.com

and someone who speaks your language shall assist you today.