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About us

Geelong Concrete Surfaces specialise in polished concrete floors providing you with the superior finish you demand. From large industrial epoxy coating to residential concrete polishing and grinding, they are your first choice for concrete floors in Geelong. They can pour, lay and finish your concrete floor to perfection, every time. Geelong Concrete Surfaces have quickly built a strong reputation as a five star concreting business who are professional, friendly and excellent to deal with. When it comes to a superior concrete surface, either inside or outside your building, Geelong Concrete Surfaces can provide the surface you are looking for


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Our Strengths

Geelong Concrete Surfaces provide a professional finish at an excellent price. They have nothing but great reviews from satisfied customers who are only too happy to let the world know what an brilliant finish Geelong Concrete Surfaces have given their floor

Why Choose Us

Geelong Concrete Surfaces can handle big epoxy coating floors in industrial warehouses and factories. They have the man power to suit. Yet at the same time they can deliver on your polished concrete floor by being responsive, approachable and professional at all times

Our Client Base

Architects Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil Project companies Commercial builders Commercial concreting Commercial concreting companies Individuals Onsite shed sales and supplies Public Residential Residential Builders Shed manufacturers Warehouse concreter Warehouse contracting companies Warehouse installation companies

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For polished concrete flooring, epoxy coating, self levelling concrete and all your concrete needs, choose Geelong Concrete Surfaces in the Melbourne and Geelong area's.

Geelong concrete Surfaces provide concrete floors that sparkle..


Polished concrete in Brighton.  No job too small!


Geelong Concrete Surgaces grind and seal your concrete floor to give you the polished concrete look and feel you always wanted.


Full exposure grind and seal with gloss In Epping

When it comes to epoxy coating your floor, polishing and grinding, even resurfacing, their is a vast array of surface finishes from which to choose. 

Call them today on 0434948926 to make a decision of your polished concrete look!

Lets have a look at some of those available at Geelong Concrete Surfaces.








Client Testimonials

"I have never met a more professional team of concreters.
I am very happy with the professional finish and at an excellent price. Thank you GCS"

Hannah Riches 

"Great service, friendly to deal with! Would highly recommend'

Julia Bole

"What a fantastic job very professional couldn't be happier"

Beau May




And Geelong Concrete Surfaces don't just take care of your polished concrete and epoxy coating concrete needs.
They complete your concrete project project from start to finish.
No job is too big or too small for Geelong Concrete Surfaces.


Check out their workmanship here.



Another satisfied builder!