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785 Leonino Rd
Darwin Northern Territory 0841

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  • Alice Springs
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  • Bayview
  • Coconut Grove
  • Darwin City
  • Darwin
  • Fannie Bay
  • Katherine East
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About us

GT Decorative Concrete is a professional concreting company servicing all areas in the Northern Territory. Located in Darwin GT Decorative Concrete travels as far south as Katherine to perform all your concreting needs. From slab preparation, steel fixing and concrete pouring, rest assured GT Decorative have your concrete project in hand. With over 24 years experience concreting throughout Australia, GT Decorative Concrete are the complete concreting professionals. Specialising in all forms of decorative concrete in addition to your general concreting needs, GT Decorative Concrete are your first port of call in the north of Australia


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Our Strengths

We are licensed contractors in both Queensland (QBSA) and NSW, where our commercial licences provide additional security and professional comfort for those in the Northern Territory, where concreter's do not have to hold a commercial contracting license to perform concrete works

Why Choose Us

We can complete your concrete job in its entirety, from start to finish, without the need for third party contractors. From decorative concrete, to general concreting, over surfacing and even crack repair, whatever the scope of works, we have the experience and ability to complete your concrete project

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil Project companies Commercial builders Local government councils Public Residential Residential Builders

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Decorative Concrete

In addition to general concrete projects, crack repair work and over surfacing GT Decorative Concrete specialise in decorative concrete. All forms of decorative concrete, from patterns, stencil, stamp concrete, coloured concrete, wood concrete, polished concrete and exposed aggregate concrete. They take pride in delivering you what you want from your unique concrete design. They take pleasure from ensuring your needs are met and you are satisfied with the end product, a decorative concrete feature that adds value to your home, and is the discussion point to the envy of your neighbours. 

GT Decorative Concrete have been working with customers for over 24 years now concreting pool surrounds, patio areas, pergolas, driveways, footpaths and outdoor living areas. Take a close look at their workmanship. If you are in the Northern Territory and would like to have an exceptional concrete job performed, look no further than GT Decorative Concrete. Darwin is known for it's warm weather and outdoor living environment, and what better way to add value to your lifestyle, than to call GT Decorative Concrete, for a complete concreting makeover.





Just quality work

GT Decorative Concrete are straight up concreters when all is said and done. Whether its your driveway you need concreting, your footpath you require repiring, or a feature around your swimming pool, GT Decorative Concrete are your "go to" concreter in the Northern Territory. If you have lived in and around Darwin for some time, or just moved to the region, call GT Decorative Concrete for your concreting project. They can provide an obligation free quote on all concrete projects, no matter how big or small. They can concrete your house slab, your shed slab, or even your warehouse. GT Decorative Concrete have the breadth of experience, the pride in performance, and the competitive rates to satisfy your every concrete need.

GT Decorative Concrete can guarantee quality work and good rates on everything from plain grey concrete, to exposed aggregate concrete, decorative concrete, covercrete over old existing concrete, house slabs, sheds, driveways and patios.  Anything with concrete in it, is suitable for GT Decorative Concrete. So call them today for your obligation free concrete quotation on 0448065469. 

Take one more look at the exceptional workmanship of GT Decorative Concrete. They are licensed, experienced professionals who can complete all your concreting requirements. Whether you are building for the first time in the Northern Territory, landscaping, renovating or resurfacing, call GT Decorative Concrete. You'll be glad you did.