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  • Amsterdam
  • Antwerp
  • Athens
  • Auckland
  • Brasília - Brasilia
  • Cape Town
  • Los Angeles
  • Mexico City
  • Nokia
  • Rome
  • Santiago
  • Sydney NSW
  • Ukrainka
  • Victoria

About us

The Full-Track Power Trowel is Designed by Mr. Benny Goosens of BELGIUM * Unique Trowelling System * Fastest Blade Changing System in The World - * Thick LONG LASTING BLADES * Variable Speed at 40-200RPM * CABLE FREE - Pitching System * Shock Absorbers * Stainless Steel Arm * Oxidised Body * Twin Safety System * Kevlar Belt on Purpose Built Clutch System * And Much More The BEST THING ever to happen in "Concrete Power Trowels" These magnificent machines are designed and patent to make your job easier, simpler, quicker, smoother, safer, cheaper and list goes on!!


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Our Strengths

A True Standout and Purpose Built by an accomplished Concreter for Concreters - TOUGH BUILT and FAST. We are found in many countries with Australia being a Stand Out for Full-Track.

Our Network - Who We Recommend

Colorcrete Concreters Warehouse Located in Milperra NSW Australia is a Distributor of Full-Track Power Trowels. If you have interest in being a distributors simply email us or contact us via our Facebook Page.

Why Choose Us

Reliable Product and is Available in Many Countries - We have many reviews on our Facebook Page and anyone that knows about trowels can clearly see why the Full-Track is a must in their armour of Concrete Equipment.

Our Client Base

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