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94 Wing Street
Wingfield South Australia 5013

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  • Adelaide
  • Metropolitan Adelaide area

About us

Fluro Skip Bins are based in Wingfield near Port Adelaide. We are a family owned and operated local skip bin hire company offering cheap skip bin hire for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes in Adelaide and the surrounding metro area. Our skip bins range in size from 2-7 cubic metres. We accept general waste, green waste, concrete / bricks / pavers / tiles, dirt, heavy mixed. Prices vary according to the skip bin size, and the waste type going into the skip bin.


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Our Strengths

Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide are an efficient mini skip bin hire company and we pride ourselves in eco waste management and rubbish recycling. By using Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide, over 90% of your waste will be recycled and diverted from landfill.

Why Choose Us

At Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide, all waste goes through a rigorous sorting process and all the different materials are separated, processed, and reused or sold on for production making us very eco friendly. We offer cheap and reliable skip bin hire and also offer FREE scrap metal skip bins.

Our Client Base

Commercial Commercial builders Individuals Public Residential Residential Builders

More on Us


Fluro Skip Bins are a family run, cheap mini skip bin hire company situated in Adelaide.  Our business has been running since 2013, and prides itself in eco waste management and rubbish recycling.



Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide uses a local Adelaide recycling plant to separate and recycle all the contents placed into the skip bins, currently around 90% of all waste is recycled.



Our vision is very bright. All of our skip bins will be painted in bright colours, making it easier for builders, roofers, domestic, industrial and commercial customers to see the skip bins and allow the skip bins to be easily seen by others.







* If you need a door on your skip bin please specify this when booking.

* To find out more about sizes you can click on our Skip Bin Sizes page.






At Fluro Bins we have no booking or delivery fees and all our skip bins can be hired up to 5 days allowing plenty of time to fill the skip bin. If needed for longer just ask our friendly team when booking, there is a minimal extra daily charge.

Our mini skip bins are ideal for all kinds of waste - general household, concrete, dirt, metal, green waste, or a mixture of all. Skip bin prices vary according to the waste type. 

Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide are open every day. We deliver and collect skip bins from Monday through to Saturday, and are also open Sundays for bookings.

Our hours of operation are:

     *  Monday - Friday: 7am - 8pm

     *  Saturday: 8am - 8pm

     *  Sunday: 9am - 8pm​                       Call us & book today 0418 318867




General Waste Skip Bins - available in 2 to 7 cubic metre bins

What CAN be included:
White goods, timber, metal, clothing, toys, carpet, general household waste, electrical appliances, green waste. 


Mixed Waste Skip Bins - up to 6 cubic metre bin

What CAN be included:
General waste, green waste, small amounts of bricks, concrete, pavers, floor / wall / roof tiles, dirt. 


Concrete Only Skip Bins - up to 3 cubic metre bin

Among the cheapest category for skip bin hire as concrete is cheaper to recycle than other waste. 

What CAN be included:
Concrete, bricks, pavers, floor / wall / roof tiles (concrete, ceramic or clay - NOT plastic or any other non concrete based materials).  


Cleanfill Skip Bins - up to 3 cubic metre bin

What CAN be included:
Dirt, soils, small gravel (less than 60mm in diameter). 


Green Waste Skip Binsavailable in 2 to 7 cubic metre bins

What CAN be included:
Grass, sticks / twigs, vegetation, bark, trees, leaves.


Lawn & Earth/Unclean Fill Skip Bins - up to 2 cubic metre bin

What CAN be included:
Grass, leaves, weeds, dirt, soils, small gravel, stones, concrete.

PLEASE NOTE:  Weight Restrictions apply for different skin bin sizes and categories.   Above weight limits will incur additional charges.


To find out more about the waste types, including what can and cannot be placed in the skip bins, click on our Waste Types page. 




View our hire prices on different waste types and bin sizes by clicking on this link online.

Also, please check our for our new skip bin bundles prices - a great way to save money if you have a mixture of general waste and concrete.

Keeping different waste types separate ensures cheaper prices and is a more efficient way of recycling, 

There are certain items that cannot be placed into any skip bin. These are foods, liquids, paint, chemicals, toxic waste, contaminants, asbestos.

Also the recycling centre do charge extra for mattresses, gas bottles, and tyres - when booking your skip bin our staff will ask if you have any of these three items. 







For a free quote or to book a skip bin, please call us on 0418 318 867 

or email us flurobins@gmail.com