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Raymond Terrace New South Wales

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32 Hastings Drive
Raymond Terrace New South Wales 2324

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About us

Diggers Concreting are your GFRC Specialists in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and throughout the Central Coast. From polished concrete bench tops, to concrete table tops, countertops and concrete tables on stainless steel bases they can create a magnificent look and feel for your home, business or commercial marketplace. Having worked with restaurants, bars, commercial shop owners and members of the public Diggers are trained and experienced in the art of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. Having worked with concrete, precast concrete and now GFRC the principal's at Diggers Concreting are in tune with concrete, timber, steel, formwork and all the raw materials utilised in the manufacture of stunning table tops, counter tops and benchtops.


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Our Strengths

Diggers GFRC division is fully trained and skilled in the delivery of a quality Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete product for you. They have studied the appropriate courses and obtained all the relevant certificates to ensure your concrete tabletop, bench top or concrete countertop is built to last

Why Choose Us

Diggers GFRC are a 100% Australian owned company utilising only Australian labour in the manufacture of their quality GFRC products. Their concrete tabletops are hand made and cured in a 100% dust and chemical free environment. They can custom design and manufacture a concrete table top to suit your home or business

Our Client Base

Commercial Commercial builders Individuals Public Residential Residential Builders

More on Us

Diggers Concreting have a purpose built manufacturing complex with an air tight shed in place to suppress the amount of dust, chemicals and dleterious materials in the air whilst curing your concrete tabletops and GFRC products. They manufacture to suit your specific requirements and can measure up on site with you in an obligation free quote environment. During your meeting with Diggers GFRC their full range of colours, sizes and materials can be discussed. Concrete table tops vary in price approximately $1,300 per square metre is a price guide for the discerning buyer. Dining tables for restaurants, tables for bars, outdoor and indoor leisure areas and office spaces are frequent end users of these aesthetically pleasing and durable products. Diggers GFRC products are however not just a feature within your living space, they add value to it, by creating a unique and contemporary space that is both practical and designer friendly at the same time.





Diggers Concreting utilise only the best GFRC materials in the manufacture of your custom designed polished concrete table tops. The end product is both made to order and built to stand the test of time. Long lasting, Australia made and built to suit your own living or commercial application. Call Diggers Concreting today to chat with the GFRC specialists at Diggers and design your custom built concrete table top on 0431684293




The trained team at Diggers Concreting are only to keen to share with their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the growing GFRC market both within Australia and overseas. As Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete products become increasingly popular given their durability and multi puropse applications, the qualified staff at Diggers Concrete are conscious of the need to keep abreast of any industry changes, developments and inspirations which may benefit you, the end customer


       Photo Courtesy of Diggers Concreting in conjunction with Pop Concrete Supplies and Training



           Call Diggers Concreting today on 0431684293 for your custom built polished concrete tabletop