KERN-DEUDIAM DIamantwerkzeuge und Maschinen GmbH


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Industriestraße 21
Nordrhein-Westfalen 33161

About us

German producer of diamond tools and machines for construction industry and drilling and sawing contractors. We develop and produce brazed and laser welded drill bits, laser welded saw blades, grinding tools, special tools according specification of customers for brick industry, precast concrete plants, demolition of nuclear and water power stations etc. Our main customers are located in Europe, North- and South-America, Australia, Middel-East and North-Africa. We are a medium sized independent company.


Concrete cutting equipment Concrete saw suppliers Diamond Tools

Our Strengths

Products Made in Germany, personal service (our core is service), more as 40 years experience in develpment and production of diamond tools

Our Network - Who We Recommend

We like to work with retailers for tools and machines and we like to work with users

Why Choose Us

We deliver more as a product

Our Client Base

Concrete block manufacturers Concrete cutting contractors Concrete driveway repairs Concrete Sawing Company Core Drilling