DC Custom Construction LLC

Quincy Washington
United States

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411 J ST SW
Quincy Washington 98848
United States

About us

We create one of a kind luxurious concrete panels. From organic and natural style resembling stone to custom designed art work with vivid colors, there are endless possibilities to the creativity of concrete in the hands of artist Christina Arnall. We create panels for showers, restaurants, artwork for offices, wainscoting and hotels. And anywhere else you would like! The concrete is sealed and we encourage for you to put it in a place where it will be touched and handled! It's art you can touch and it's concrete!


Concrete Artisan

Our Strengths

We have perfected painting with concrete and our 1/2" panels are fantastic, the best on the market! We can ship anywhere.

Our Network - Who We Recommend

I buy from several different small vendors such as Sure Crete, Ben Ashby and Walt Tools.

Why Choose Us

Because we are passionate about providing one of a kind concrete products to last a lifetime.

Our Client Base

Commercial Residential Builders