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Langwarrin Victoria

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26 Stevens Rd
Langwarrin Victoria 3910

    Servicing Locations    

  • Coburg
  • Doncaster
  • Essendon
  • Footscray
  • Glen Waverley
  • Greensborough
  • Langwarrin South
  • Langwarrin
  • Malvern
  • Melbourne Airport
  • Melbourne
  • Port Melbourne
  • Sunshine
  • Werribee

About us

Crocker Concrete Pumping provide a fantastic line pump service throughout Melbourne. With over 20 years experience handling and managing concrete pump pours in the Melbourne Suburbs they are the professional pumping outfit to call for your next pour. Lance is available on 0419 794 085 to talk you through what you need to make your next concreting project a success. Whether it's a house slab you are pouring, footings, block fill or foundations, they can deliver with over 60 metres of line available to access even the most difficult sites. With their high pressure concrete pump you are assured of good concrete flows and no needless delays on site during the concrete pour


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Our Strengths

At Crocker Concrete Pumping we supply a two man crew on our jobs. This ensures your pour runs smoothly and effectively without unnecessary hazards and safety risks being taken on site. In addition the additional labour saves you both time and money on your concrete pour

Why Choose Us

At Crocker Concrete Pumping we are efficient to deal with. We have set rates for concrete pumping that are both transparent and competitive. We are available most days for both morning and afternoon pours throughout Melbourne and its outer lying suburbs

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil Project companies Commercial Commercial builders Commercial concreting Commercial concreting companies Individuals Public Residential Residential Builders Shed slab concreters Warehouse concreter Warehouse contracting companies

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Crocker Concrete Pumping Rates :

Hourly Rate : $150 per hour plus gst

Cubic metre rate : $7 per cubic metre plus gst

Minimum Hourly hire : 4 hours (Mornings) 
                                        3 Hours (Afternoons)

Minimum Travel Cost : 1 hour or $150 plus gst




Crocker Concrete Pumping have all the insurances required to complete your concreting projects. Working with commercial builders, commercial concreters, civil project companies and industrial developers they have built a reputation for efficient service within the concreting community in Melbourne. Whether you are a residential builder, a member of the public, or someone needing to access a difficult site for your next concrete pour, consider call Crocker Concrete Pumping on  0419 794 085