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About us

Creative Textured Coatings are Adelaide’s best choice for quality concrete resurfacing and repairs. Our experienced staff know how to bring your damaged concrete back to life. If you have existing concrete in need of repairs, trust us to create an effective, affordable solution that will suit your needs. We offer a range of coating options on all existing concrete floors. From indoors to outdoors, we work on all types of concrete floors.


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Our Strengths

Creative Textured Coatings have over 12 years’ experience in professionally restoring damaged concrete, we’re the best choice when it comes to an effective, affordable solution that will suit your needs.. With an endless choice of colours and textures, Creative Textured Coatings can transform and restore your damaged concrete floors.

Why Choose Us

Because we are a family-owned business, delivering great results for our customers as always been our goal. We keep our overheads low which means we can pass the savings onto you. For high quality workmanship at a fraction of the industry standard price, talk to Creative Textured Coatings.

Our Client Base

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Concrete Polishing and Concrete Resurfacing in Adelaide

We keep our overheads low which means we can pass the savings onto you. For high quality workmanship at a fraction of the industry standard price, talk to Creative Textured Coatings.  We will ensure you deal with one person from start to finish, hassle free!.

With a fleet of up-to-date machinery that is constantly growing and a range of grinders as well as hand tools, pressure cleaners and jack hammers, we’re the best choice when it comes to quality concrete repairs.

Our concrete design solutions and grinding services are perfect for wet areas, driveways, patios, garages and pathways and can really add style to your floors. With an endless choice of colours and textures, trust Creative Textured Coatings to transform and restore your damaged concrete floors.


Our Domestic Concrete Services:

Driveway sealing •    Outdoor entertaining areas •    Pool surrounds •    Pathway sealing •    Concrete sealing •    Garage epoxy flooring •    Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas


Our Commercial Concrete Services:

Workshops •    Service stations •    Hospitals •    Hotels and motels •    Offices and kitchens •    Airports •    Showrooms •    Warehouses


We regularly work on new and old homes to perform spray on paving, driveway resurfacing, improving entertainment areas and carports. If it’s concrete, we can make it look amazing!







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We use a water-based solution of hydrochloric acid which reacts with minerals present in the concrete to produce unique colour effects transforming old and new concrete surfaces giving it the appearance of marble or slate. With the use of vibrant colours, a permanent water-based concrete stain is ideal and for entertainment areas, exterior acid stain installation is recommended. 


Water-based epoxy flooring provides a durable protective solid colour coating to your internal concrete floor. This system is low-odour, quick-drying and provides a hard-wearing low-sheen finish which can be tinted to a range of practical colours (view colours), ideal for your garage floor or rumpus room and can also be used for light commercial floors. Sealing with a gloss finish is also available.






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Epoxy resin floors are ideal for business places such as workshops and garages because of their slip and heat resistance. An epoxy floor will be safe and easy to maintain. The durability and abrasion resistance far surpasses that of dense concrete.


Before the epoxy coating is applied, a diamond grinder will run down the existing concrete floor to clean the surface of any contaminants.  Available in a range of forms including coloured, plain, decorative and flake floors.






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Polished Concrete can be used on new or existing concrete and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in both residential and industrial properties as it is affordable, energy efficient and low maintenance.  


Our popular polished concrete options include honed polished concrete, hardened polished concrete, exposed polished concrete and non-exposed polished concrete.













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Polymer flooring is Ideal for garages, workshops, kitchens and caravan parks, and entertainment areas. It’s your best option for high traffic and work areas. Alternatively by Incorporating decorative flakes you can create a unique look,


Probably polymer flooring's greatest benefit is its resistance to water, oil or chemicals. Being seamless, this type of floor is very hygienic and easy to maintain.


As with all our products there are many base colours and flakes to choose from, view here.












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Spray-on paving will transform your existing concrete to create the finish you desire.There are many designs and colours to choose from or we are happy to match your existing pavers. The durable, heard-wearing cement based product we use is the best available on the market. It is especially formulated for spray-on paving.

Our spray-on paving bonds well to suitable concrete surfaces. It helps create a slip-resistant, textured or decorative surface for both wet and dry areas so is extremely safe for pool surrounds, driveways, entertainment areas just to name a few.


   Pool-surrounds- before                         Pool-surrounds-after





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Concrete grinding is performed to remove the surface of concrete using a concrete grinding machine. At Creative Textured Coatings, we have a range of grinders from large to small. Our grinders use diamond blades to remove the surface of concrete. We prefer to use our grinders before working on a floor.


This is for two reasons:

1.    To level or even out concrete

2.    To prepare a concrete surface for the application of a stain, epoxy, paint or seal


Through grinding concrete, we achieve a beautiful polished finish. While you can rent a concrete grinder from a local store, it’s messy, hard work. Leave it to the professionals with the skills and safety cover.





New Surface

Your options are endless with new concrete. Decorative concrete can assume any shape, design, texture and pattern. With new concrete, you are starting from a clean slate and have a wide range of options to create the perfect finish for your home.

For external projects, the main applications are Stamped Impression, Stencil Pattern and Coloured Concrete.


Existing Surface

If you have an existing concrete space which needs rejuvenating, concrete resurfacing is a flexible and cost effective option, with a range of colours and finishes to choose from. Resurfacing is ideal for restoring
tired looking concrete areas, driveways and paths, or complementing your new space with a fresh, contemporary look.


Trust Creative Textured Coatings to give you the most professional and effective concrete restoration service at the most affordable price



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