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About us

Contech have extensive knowledge of the concrete industry with a combined 70 years of technical expertise. Working closely with some of the biggest ready-mix, volumetric, masonry block and aggregate supply companies in the UK and overseas, we pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service ensuring that your quality requirements are strictly met to the highest of standards. Some of the services we can provide are; Volumetric Ready-Mix Consultancy Volumetric Calibration Quality Management Systems Trial Mixes Sampling Slump tests Technical Manager Consultancy Service Packages Cover meter surveys Masonry Block Consultancy Cost Saving Evaluations Cost Saving Projects Diamond Core Drilling Aggregate Grading Quality Improvements Investigations Mix Design Creation New Product development


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Our Strengths

70 years combined experience and client satisfaction is at the top of our list

Our Network - Who We Recommend

Concrete producers, concrete block manufacturers and admixture companies

Why Choose Us

We are a family run business who build strong relationships with clients and our employees so that they feel part of the family.

Our Client Base

Concrete block manufacturers Concrete plant manufacturers Concrete plants minimix Concrete plants readymix

More on Us

 Whether you run a single egg laying operation or a family of static block factories, Contech can help you get the very best out of your business. 
 Our advice and expertise on the correct testing procedures, purchase of raw materials and operating standards has previously saved millions of pounds.

Here’s how we can assist you in achieving your goals;


 Saving costs can be the biggest asset to your business. Introducing cost-saving systems will help a strong business excel, and perhaps even save a failing one in times of economic downturn. 

Contech aims to improve the profit margin of each business unit you have, with savings running into the tens of thousands for each factory. 

 This process would first start with a two day visit and completion of a Cost Saving Evaluation. From this, we’re able to ascertain in which areas of your business we can help you reduce costs. 

Our evaluation advice may cover anything from a change in process, through to usage of different products or investment in new machinery, along with an estimate of what this would save you on an annual basis.

Your business can then choose between receiving a full detailed report and instructions on how the savings can be achieved, or instruct Contech to complete all the necessary work on your behalf.


Technical Managers are in short supply in the concrete Industry. Do you have an excess technical work load, or maybe struggle when your Technical Manager is on annual leave?

​Contech can help. We offer competitive hourly rates for the hire of a Technical Manager and no matter how small or large your problem is, we aim to ensure your requirements are met.

​Contech are also heavily educated regarding the production of Lightweight blocks using expanded clay and other lightweight aggregates. We have spreadsheet-based programs designed by us to aid you during manufacturing of these products.


Contech excels when it comes to quality management systems.

Our Managing Director has recently worked with one of the world’s biggest construction materials company, helping them through CE Marking and the transition to the latest version of ISO 9001.

Whatever your needs, Contech will be by your side.

​ We can produce systems for monitoring and analysing test results, through to robust internal operating procedures and work instructions to help you achieve accreditation. Alternatively, we’re more than happy to help you just improve on what you already have.

Whatever your requirements, speak to Contech today, we will be more than happy to help.