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8440 New England Hwy
Muswellbrook New South Wales 2333

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About us

Concrete and Quarries supplies and delivers aggregates, sand and quarry products to the groups concrete plants, independent and company aligned concrete plants, precast suppliers large landscaping supply companies, the groups landscape supply yards and large wholesalers and retailers throughout NSW and overseas


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Our Strengths

We provide businesses in the road, rail, civil, building and construction industry with competitive prices on concrete and quarry products throughout NSW Australia and Asia. Whether you are buying rock, aggregates, sand or concrete as a one off, or for your ongoing supply, contact us for competitive prices and excellent service

Our Network - Who We Recommend

Hunter Valley Concrete, Mr Sands, Sharks Sand and Soil, Wild Quarries and Civil, Darryl's Bobcat, Hunter and Coast Concrete Pumping, Goulburn River Sand and Aggregates

Why Choose Us

If you are looking for concrete or rock, aggregates and sand for your next project, we are the people to talk with. We understand the concrete industry and can deliver to you through the hunter Valley and Newcastle of NSW. We can sell and market your concreting products worldwide. And we have the full range of quarry products including ballast, DGBS20, rock, concrete aggregates, decorative pebbles and sand

Our Client Base

Civil Building companies Civil engineering companies Civil Project companies Councils Local councils Local government councils Mining Public Rail contractors Residential Residential Builders

More on Us

Products and Services


Roadbase and stabilised gravel


Our edition 7 road base, pug mill produced stabilised gravel from 1 to 5% stabilised, DGB 20, ballast and select are all popular quarry materials for use in rads, highways and haul roads throughout NSW



Concrete and quarries offers the sale and delivery of quality sand for sports ovals, landscaping projects and concrete plants throughout NSW and overseas

Concrete aggregates


10/7, 20/14, 32/28, 40m and exposed aggregates are available for concrete production in addition to concrete and quarries large supply of manufactured, coarse and fine sands



A large part of what we do is supplying mines throughout the Hunter Valley of NSW with quality stemming for their drill and blast operations. We supply ballast for their underground mines, and road base or stabilised gravel for their haul roads. Concrete is supplied for projects above ground, and long wall roads below the surface



We have extensive experience in the supply and delivery of quarry products for rail maintenance and upgrades in NSW. Capping, ballast, large rock, and concrete are all supplied from our extensive range of hard rock, sandstone and sand quarries throughout the state. Concrete supply for road and rail projects is available.



More and more landscaping yards and landscapers throughout NSW are contacting candq.com.au for their decorative rock, sand and landscaping materials. The Goulburn River in NSW is a popular source of exposed aggregate, brikkies sand and large rock for their residential and commercial landscaping developments in Sydney, Newcastle and on the Central Coast.



Concrete and quarries offer competitively priced concrete throughout the Hunter Valley and Newcastle in NSW concrete and aggregates Singleton Sydney rock

Reo and Steel supply


Concrete and quarries supply and deliver steel reinforcing and accessories to sites throughout NSW. Email us at info@candq.com.au for a free quotation on the supply and delivery of red to your building site

Concrete pump hire


Need a concrete pump to reach your job and save you time and money? We can arrange for the hire of a boom or line pump with experienced operators at competitive rates throughout NSW

Concrete blocks


Need concrete blocks for retaining walls, landscaping or your next project? 

We supply strong well made interlocking concrete blocks throughout the Hunter Valley, Newcastle and NSW

Concreting products


At concretingshop.com you can find buy and sell concreting products both in Australia and worldwide. Everything form concrete tools, machinery, plant, equipment and accessories are available online at concretingshop.com

Concreting business





Concrete and related businesses the world over can set up their own homepage at concretebroker.com and market their products and services to the public and concreting industry


About Us :



Concrete & Quarries offer the civil, construction, mining, road and rail industry competitive prices on all their raw materials including road base, aggregates, stemming, gravel, concrete and ballast. From hard rock to sand, or decorative pebbles to exposed aggregates, when you think of quarry products in NSW, think of Concrete and Quarries.

If you are quoting on an infrastructure project, a mining or construction job, or simply ongoing supply, Concrete and Quarries can provide the price you need to win your next tender. Simply email us at info@candq.com.au and we can win the work for you. 

With RMS compliant material, a large supply base and easy to deal with personnel, you can feel comfortable when working with candq.com.au 

At Concrete and Quarries we are all about building relationships with long term customers who require an ongoing supply of quality quarry products. And for those in the Hunter Valley we can fulfil all your concrete needs as well, including crusher dust, Steel, bobcat and excavator hire, ready mix concrete, a concrete pump and even concrete testing, as and when required. 

So if you don't have time to sit down and email us for concrete aggregates, ready mix concrete, rocks, sand or gravel, phone us on 0478230553. We look forward to hearing from you.


Contact :



Email : info@candq.com.au


Phone : 0478230553