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744, Udyog Vihar, Phase-5
GURGAON Haryana 122016

About us

Concrete Planners is (third party) floor surveying company. We measure floor flatness and levels in accordance with ASTM/ ACI and TR 34 standards. We provide short term training coarse to learn construction of superflat concrete slabs and quality management services.


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Our Strengths

We are the first specialized concrete floor flatness surveying & consulting company of India.

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FACE Construction Technologies- USA

Why Choose Us

We believe in collecting true data and producing true reports of floor flatness and levelness. Floor flatness and levelness is most important aspect of every industrial facility. Simplest way to control the maintenance cost of MHE repair and other floor repairs is to construct the flooring as per ASTM/ ACI or TR34 standards.

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